Friday, September 30, 2011

Defender turned offender

There is a long history of the US defending Pakistan on every issue for keeping its own strategic interest safe. US even went out of way to help Pakistan through heavy economic packages umpteentimes and Pakistan was always considered its stooge.
The killing of world’s most dreaded terrorist Osama bin Laden in Abbotabad near Karachi of Pakistan after the vigorous search for 10 years by the US, it became increasingly clear that Pakistan was not only diverting US aids for nefarious activities by spending it on procuring arms and ammunition but also doing nothing to bridle terror outfits running on its soil.
After 9/11, Pakistan became the most important ally of US in its war against terror because it was almost impossible to invade Afghanistan without its help. US military presence in Afghanistan needs Pakistan’s assistance in the form of using its air space.To squeeze more monetary benefit in liew of being its frontline ally in war against terror, Pakistan offered full assistance to US. But at the same time it did not ever took hard measures against terror outfits operating from its soils, though continued to give passive them support.
Within Pakistan itself, there arose sharp disenchantment against the government for supporting the US-led international coalition against terror.Also, building up tension in US over Pak’s duplicity on the issue of terror when it was exposed with the killing of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan. This incident clearly indicated that Pakistan military had provided shelter to Osama, who was on US radar for the last 10 years.
US military department chief Mike Mullen went to the extent of charging that Pak military and its ISI were in alliance with Haqqani group in Afghanistan. This heightened the tension between US and Pakistan. And because of this tension, Pak Prime Minister Yosouf Raza Gilani had to call back his foreign minister Hina Rabbani Khar to attend the important government meeting in which her briefing would be important. She cancelled her engagements at UNGA in New York and got back to Pakistan.
The relation between US and Pakistan has come to such a low level that the later began to call the former a fair weather friend. And to give a jolt to US, Pakistan has already started warming up its friendship with China by assuring it that Beijing’s enemy is Islamabad’s enemy also and it also assured it to act against Uighur militants hiding in its territory. Uighur militants were involved in violence of Xinjiang province in China. Though sooner or later China will also have to realise Pak duplicity about acting against militancy, the bonhomie between the two would certainly agonise the US.
The situation is also building up in South Asia where the US will have to draw a clear line of friendship. Whether it wants to befriend India only or never ignore Pakistan to safeguard its strategic interest in the region at any cost . Pakistan has given clear message to the US that if it severed relation or stopped aids, China is ready to take it in its lap.

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