Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Govt is nervous

The disclosure of finance ministry note on 2G has made the UPA -II Govt. nervous. This reflects in PM Dr. Manmohan Singh's address to the press conference on board the plane. Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh has charged the opposition, especially BJP, of being impatient for power by forcing pre-mature elections on the nation while addressing the press conference onboard special Air India Aircraft on his way back home, though he exuded confidence to run the govt. its full term.
Mr. Prime Minister, opposition has done nothing either to destabilize your government or creating wrong perception about it. It is the leaderless UPA-II govt that has created the mess itself. There is no command system visible in it and also lact of collective responsibility.
The perception of corruption and total failure to rein in rising prices is genuine about the govt., and not created by any opposition forces. A series of scandals that have surfaced recently, causing loss of crores of rupees to the public exchequer, have badly dented the image of UPA-II. It is itself full of contradiction and no out force is required to destabilize it. If the situation did not improve, UPA's coming to power in 2014 is a distant possibility. Because disenchantment grows among the people against UPA-II day by day.
Opposition is playing its role to expose the government's corrupt practices that has certainly changed the public perception. People now have the feeling that UPA-II is a bundle of corruption. Is the UPA-II is in doubt that it has neither been able to rein in runaway prices of all essential commodities nor the corruption that has beset it?
There is enough evidence of deep rift in Cabinet that amply reflects its directionlessness. Finance Ministry note, that was procured through the use of RTI and on the basis of that note a petitioner has already moved Supreme court for its investigation by CBI, throws enough light that if the then Finance Minister P Chidambram in 2008 had taken proper action, 2G scam could have been prevented. It clearly indicates of his inaction as well the PMO in whole 2G Scam development.The Manmohan Singh government is desperate to defend itself. In the given situation, Opposition is naturally aggressive, and attacks the government whenever any weakness comes to light. If the Opposition is blowing the allegation out of propotion, Prime Minister himself is slapping baseless charges of destablising his government against opposition(BJP)

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