Saturday, October 1, 2011

Gujarat Govt's vindictive action

The arrest of suspended IPS officer Sanjib Bhatt by Gujarat police is the vindictive action of the
Narendra Modi government of Gujarat. The state govt. shows vindictiveness because Sanjib
Bhatt, an IPA officer of Gujarat cadre, had filed an affidavit in Supreme Court alleging that Gujarat C M Narendra Modi had called a meeting of police officers in the evening of February 27, 2002 at his residence and directed policer officers there to let Hindus teach a lesson to Muslims in the wake of burning the Shabarmati Express train in which car sevaks numbering about 60 were burnt to death.
It was natural of Hindu community to be agitated over the tragic incident. Sanjib Bhatt’s affidavit clearly alleged that instead of calming down the tempers of the aggrieved community, Narendra Modi as CM allowed to to vent their anger at the Muslim community. Bhatt’s affadavit also clearly sends the message that as head of the government CM Modi tried his best to exploit the situation to reap political benefit by polarising the majority community in his party’s favour over communal riots.
The inaction of the police personnel against the rioters in the aftermath of Godhra train burning gives credence to Bhatt’s allegation against Modi. Sanjib Bhatt was first put under suspension for
unauthorised absence from duty, and now he has been arrested by Gujarat police in connection with an FIR filed against him by police constable K D Pant for threatening him and making him sign a

false affidavit with regard to a meeting called by Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi on February 27, 2002.
Sanjib Bhatt’s affadavit in Supreme Court clearly alleges the involvement of Chief Minister
Narendra Modi in the worst ever riots of 2002. That is why this Gujarat riots are alleged to be
sponsored by the state government.Sanjib Bhatt’s wife has expressed fear about the life of her
husband as the case has been tranferred to Gujarat Crime police infamous for staging fake
encounter. She has also alleged that she is not allowed to talk to her husband nor is Bhatt’s
counsel is allowed to be present at the time of recording of statement.
Several social activists allege that it is the tactics of CM Modi to harass those who ever dared to take on him. Bhatt was performing the duty of a whistle blower and for this he was rewarded police custody. This is the most vindictive act of Gujarat Government and in a democracy, this is also most atrocious act. Sanjib Bhatt must be freed immediately and let the law to run its course.

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