Monday, September 12, 2011

Politics of yatra

To retrieve the pre-eminent position in his party and

national politics to realise the prime ministerial ambition,

BJP top leader L K Advani has announced to embark on Yatra

against the rampant corruption in the UPA government from top

to bottom. He would have lesser appeal as his party itself is

not spotless nor he himself to his credit the impeccable

administrative record as Union Home Minister in NDA

Although Advani has expertise in embarking on Yatra to

polarise the public on emotional theme, this time he is

making desperate attempt to pitch-fork on national political

scene. This time the burning issue of the day the

corruption, which has already been taken up Gandhian and

social activist Anna Hazare who has galvanised the entire

nation against rampant corruption from top to bottom in all

government departments.
Being a veteran politician L K Advani and one of the senior

most leaders of the opposition has realised correctly that it

was their call of duty as a responsible main opposition that

civil society out of political space has taken up the issue

of corruption very strongly and compelled even the Parliament

to respect their protest for Jan Lokpal to combat corruption

effectively. His proposed Yatra is an attempt to earn some

credit on the issue politically and an appropriate way of

being in reckoning in the prime ministerial race whenever it

comes up. This is his main motive.
As the BJP itself is not above the board on the issue of

corruption, Advani’s proposed Yatra against it can not match

his previous one of Rath Yatra to build Ram Temple at

Ayodhya, which was loaded with religious emotion of the

majority community in contravention of the secular character

of our nation. If BJP’s Karnataka chapter and its lead role

in the NDA Government at the Centre are anything to go by,

Advani’s Yatra is bound to be a damp squib.
As far as Advani's prime ministerial ambition is concerned,

the deep internecine in his party at top level clearly

reflects that he can not be projected as prime ministerial

candidate of the party in 2014 general elections.He is also

no longer appealing to the general voters nor is he

charismatic. It would be better for BJP politically to adopt

more liberal views on all issues and Mr. Advani being the

senior most leader of the party should work to remove the

infighting among GenNext leaders and pose a united posture

before the people.
The people in general are no longer interested in Yatras or

protests if they are in no way related to their economic

upliftment. The issue of corruption has already taken up by

Anna Hazare and his team that has drawn immense support

because of the clear reflection of objectivity and sincerity

with a sense of selflessness in them.

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