Thursday, September 8, 2011

Terror strikes Delhi again

The Govt sleeps and the innocent people are killed by terrorists. Is this not the callous negligence of our security establishments, including security and intelligence agencies that despite given opportunity,they have failed to learn any lesson. Govt. appears helpless and police machinery is incompetent to combat terror.
Only four months ago, there was bomb blast at the same place, the Delhi High Court situated in the heart of Delhi. The bomb that was in briefcase was blasted at the reception counter, killing 12 and critically injuring more than 80. This is a dastardly act and the entire nation condemns terror in one voice.
Govt. and all political parties condemn the dastardly act in the same way and the media cover the terror act for a day or two 24x7 extensively. Government announces the amount of ex-gratia to the kith and kin of the deceased and after that all forget till the other terror strike takes place. This has been the tradition so far.
Neither the ruling nor the opposition political parties initiate the debated and dicussion as to how to stop the senseless killing of the innocent people by terrorists. How to tighten our intelligence agencies and security personnel who are entrusted with the safety and security of the people. Why they fail to co-ordinate among themselves for the nation.
Have the government ever taken the concrete measures to galvanise our security forces? Have they ever gone into the causes of the lapses being made by police and intelligence agencies that lead to the killing of the countrymen at regular interval.
When the government knows as Union Home Minister P Chidambram has himself said in the Lok Sabha on the bomb blast at reception counter of Delhi HC that it is an attempt to destablise the nation, why did he not presented the roadmap of the measures by which the nation will fight it out? Because this is not the first terror attack. Would he start any consultation process with all political parties and the people known to be expert on security affairs how to combat terror?
Now, terrorist acts have crossed all limits. The people are no longer have any faith in the ability of the police force. Despite being the best police force of the nation, the Delhi Police track record in taking preventive measures against terrorist acts have been ridiculous. If they had lived up to their reputation, no terrorist acts would have been repeated after the terror attack on Parliament on December 13, 2001. The most important thing against terror is to launch an awareness campaign all over the country without any politics. Playing politics by ruling as well as opposition political parties after every terror act by dividing it into Hindu, Muslim, Christian and Sikh terror causes immense damage to the spirit of combating terror.
India must learn a lesson from the US that after 9/11, there has been no terror act there. How could it be possible there? It is also a democratic country and there are different shades of opinions there also but one of its chief characteristic is the show of strong unity on the issue of terror in national interest. Our politicians must learn a lesson from US and put aside party political interest and keep the national interest uppermost. Only then, the scourge of terrorism will be removed.

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