Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Due process of law

The Supreme Court decision is based on due process of law in Gujarat riots case. It is neither victory nor defeat of any party. As court has nothing to do with party politics, SC verdict on Gujarat riots cases is welcome.
It is no doubt that the nation has witnessed the worst-ever communal riots in 2002. Chief Minister Narendra Modi is alleged to have made favour to the majority community for political benefits that he reaped in the subsequent assembly elections in Gujarat. Because of political benefit, the allegation and propaganda about Naredra Modi gains ground. The BJP has to clear this doubt to prove itself unbiased and impartial so far as governance is concerned.
The riots cases have not reached to its final conclusion in 10 years due to the delayed process of law of the land.
The BJP poses Narendra Modi as its poster boy and terms the Supreme Court verdict as great relief to it. It interprets it as opening the gate for Narendra to enter national politics. While SC by following the due process of law sent back the case to the magistrate concerned and asked to look into the sealed report of SIT and amicus curea and decide on the merit of the case. It means the apex court has neither given clean chit to Chief Minister Narendra Modi nor has made any remark on the merit of the case.So, this is not the proper way to interpret in way as to suit own interest.
One thing is clear that being the Chief Minister of the state Narendra Modi failed to act in time to contain post Ghodhra riots that killed more than 2000 persons. It is despicable for any civil society and an act against humanity. Whether the CM had any role in riots or not is matter of court and it is to be decided by it based on the merit of the case. But if any one asks, what he was doing as head of the government when innocent persons were being butchered by the alleged Hindu fanatics, what would be his answer?
The state police were looking the dance of murder and killing as mute spectators and majority community were left free to vent their anger at minority community after Ghodhra train burning to win their favour.
The BJP was ruling both at the Centre and in the state and secular character of our nation was being torn. And nothing was done to stop the mass murder in Gujarat immediately either the state or central governments. There had been world-wide condemnation of Gujarat riots of 2002. So, BJP must not rejoice at SC verdict as innocent blood was bled in the riots.

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