Thursday, September 22, 2011

2G Scam haunts Govt
The finance ministry note of March 2011 to PMO, which was procured by an individual through the use of RTI, amply reflects that if the then finance minister P Chidambram had insisted on Telecom Minister not to go for auction of the licences of 2G Sprectrum in 2008 at the price fixed in 2001, the biggest scandal of corruption in independent India would not have taken place. The revelation has certainly pushed Congress on brink, though it has rejected the opposition demand of HM resignation outright.
HM Chidambram has not reacted to this new revelation in 2G. Finance minister Pranab Mukherjee, who is in US, says that as the matter is subjudice, he will make no comment. The main opposition BJP considers that their stand is vindicated and Chidambram must go. The Left also demand that CBI must look into this aspect in the light of new revelation. Though it is for the apex court to decide on the matter , one thing is clear that more heads may roll in the government and it has also created rift within it. It also clearly reflects that the finance minister is not on best of term with Home minister. This is also strengthened by the mishandling of Anna Hazare protest in the beginning.
Chidambram may not have reacted but pressure is mounting on him to explain about his role as finance in determining the price of 2G Spectrum licenses allocation. If he does not explain under the cover of one excuse or the other, doubts in the mind of the people will naturally grow stronger and stronger.
Now-a-days, UPA Government is itself at lowest ebb of credibility because of 2G Spectrum and various other scams and in addition to that, the mishandling of Gandhian and social activist Anna Hazare's protest against corruption has caused sharp decline in the graph of its popularity. It needs to be haulted through curbing corruption and sky-rocketing price hike of all essential commodities.
Congress President and UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi after convalescing to full recovery from her undisclosed ailment, she must take action against all those in the party organisation and the government as well to retrieve pre-eminent position in political arena and face the Lok Sabha elections in 2014 with full confidence and preparedness. Though the corruption has been a routine affair in India since independence, the unprecedented price rise with no sign ever from government to combat it has made the matter worse for the ruling political party.
Despite assurance after assurance from the government in last two years, the poor and middle class people have got no relief from back-breaking price rise. The total failure on inflation front has resulted into sharp discontent among the people against the government.
In the given situation, scandals of corruption have made the people angry and frustrated with government. It is now amply clear that UPA Government has failed to provide strong and decisive leadership to the nation, causing mess everywhere.

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