Saturday, June 3, 2017

Farcical education system in Bihar

This is the second consecutive year that Bihar School Examination Board results of class 12th have made all Biharis hang, especially students, their heads in shame and disgrace for no fault of their own. The previous year's topper and the current one both have failed to pass the test of their academic abilities. Their academic results and abilities have no match. The way they topped in their respective examinations amply reflects the mess and corruption set in the education system and department respectively in the state of Bihar. The current topper of Arts stream Ganesh Kumar has been arrested for fudging his age. His actual age is 42 while through alleged connivance with principal and official concerned in the department of education and forgery his date of birth is recorded as 1993 on matriculation certificate. This year's Intermediate result in the state has been worst ever. It is because the last year unfair means and cheating were used on large scale. So to check cheating and use of unfair means, this year the examination had been strictly conducted and evaluation of the copies was also done very seriously. But here again, the marks secured by the topper Ganesh Kumar shows that they were awarded by resorting to manipulations and manoeuvres. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is known for providing good governance. He is also called Sushasan Babu. But as far as the education system in the state is concerned, Nitish govt. has also totally failed to clear the mess set in it. On the contrary, the mess in the system became deeper and deeper year by year in the state of Bihar. Most of the students whose parents or guardian afford the expense go out of the state for higher education. The condition of academic session and teaching in at least all the district level colleges is precarious, irregular and vacant. No classes are held regularly either at intermediate or graduate level. The students do not attend their classes as they are not held. All students depend on private tuition. Academic session is always late by a year or two. In addition to that, the rampant corruption at all levels of education departments in the state is behind all messes. This year more than 62 per cent students failed in class 12th. However, While in other board students score above 95 in large number, and in Bihar Board examination even the topper in the state failed to score more than 85 per cent. So, the Bihar education system needs to be overhauled immediately. Education Minister AshoK Chaudhary must take the mess in the education department in the state very seriously. Education is the largest department of the state. It shapes the future of students. Bihar has been defamed for substandard education that the students get in schools and colleges. The students of the state are ridiculed outside for the poor standard of education. Though the students of Bihar have fared extremely well in any competitive examinations at the national level, the state of affairs in education is deplorable. It is a matter of shame that the future of the students is put at stake by corrupt practices, which are going on in the education department of the state unbridled. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar being an engineering graduate, he must pay personal attention to improve the education system in the state. The students of the state are meritorious. So, they need a better arrangement of education. Overhauling of the entire education system needs to be done immediately. The principals and the teachers must be provided with all facilities to teach the students well. Imparting education to the students in the best way, conducting examination timely, very strictly and evaluating the copies of the examinees impartially and awarding marks based on merit should be the hallmark of education in the state. There is no dearth of talent and merit in the students of Bihar. They have abilities and capabilities to come first even on the national level all the time. The need is to tap their merit and talent for the development of the state. Without education, no state of the country can develop. So, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar must personally intervene to clear the mess set in the education department of the state as soon as possible.

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