Friday, June 9, 2017

May's snap poll gamble backfired

British Prime Minister Theresa May's snap poll gamble has backfired. The elections in Britain have thrown up hung Parliament. May had called for elections to strengthen her hands to deal with the situation arising after Brexit in Europe decisively. Theresa May's Conservative party lost the majority in Parliament, though it has emerged as the largest party. Labour Party has improved its position in this election, but far behind Conservative Party in terms of strength in Parliament. May is starting at an uncertain political future. Latest results have indicated that the Conservative Party has failed to win an overall majority in parliament, and the country is now set for a hung one. All indications are that the Conservative Party is losing its space slowly and steadily. It also clearly appears from the election results in Britain that the people are not appreciative of the austerity politics, which was played by Prime Minister Theresa May. Cutting the funds for health, education and other social sectors have not gone down well with the Britishers. The result is the clear reflection of people's disillusionment with the austerity politics of May. Though she may be able to cobble up an alliance with other like-minded parties to form the govt., she would not be in a position to take independent decision. The results are more devastating for the ruling Conservative Party and quite shocking for May as Labour has significantly gained in areas that have been held by Tories for 100 years. Now, May is under immense pressure to resign. With results of 645 of the 650 seats declared, the Conservatives have 314 seats as opposed to Labour, which has 261. The Conservatives will have to link up with other parties – most likely Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party -- to form a majority. The Conservatives are projected to get 316 seats, Labour 265, the SNP 34 and the Liberal Democrats 13. The opposition Labour party has performed better than polls indicated but no party will be having the majority. The results are an embarrassment for Prime Minister May as she announced the snap general elections to strengthen her hand in dealing with the European Union over Brexit talks. The results could derail upcoming Brexit negotiations, which are due to start in just 10 days time. The results of 2017 general elections will also impact Britain's exit from the 27-nation bloc as the main reason behind calling for sudden elections. It was to strength May hands in the Parliament so as to negotiate with Brussels and pass the necessary legislation. But the results left the Tories 12 short of the required number of Commons seat that will embolden anti-Brexit parties.The pound fell sharply against the dollar, dropping about 1.6% as investors were spooked by the growing political uncertainty. All expectations of Prime Minister Theresa May of strengthening her position politically backfired. It may be possible that she would not put forward her candidature for re-election as parliamentary party leader. It is better for her not to take the oath again as Prime Minister of Britain in the given parliamentary strength of her Conservative Party. Her decision to go for elections so hurriedly misfired. Coalition govt. will not last long. So, it is certainly that after some time, Britain will go to yet another poll. May's all poll calculations failed to fructify. The opposition Labour Party is buoyant and it will make the path difficult for Conservative party if ever it formed coalition govt.

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