Monday, June 19, 2017

Deteriorating law and order situation in UP

It is now more than two months since Yogi Adityanath government of BJP came to power after registering the historic victory in the assembly elections. The people of Uttar Pradesh voted BJP to power in the hope that it would bring the state right on track. In the last 15 years of BSP and SP rule in the state, the law and order situation deteriorated to all time low and the corrupt practices had gone all time high. Despite the claim of former Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav about the all round developments in the state during his regime in the elections, people did not pay any attention and voted BJP to power. During the Chief Ministership of BSP supremo Mayawati, there was the improvement in law and order, but the corrupt practices and construction work of her, BSP party founder Kanshiram and the Dalit icon and maker of the Constitution Dr. Baba Shaheb Ambedkar statues consumed most of the precious time of the regime. People had become disillusioned in the last 15 years. The people of the state saw hope in the BJP. But with becoming the Chief Minister of the largest state of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath started talking tall like Prime Minister Narendra Modi with no improvement in any field on the ground. Initially, people believed him. But now with the fast deteriorating law and order in the state, people have started rethinking on their decision. The crime graph shows an alarming rise. Hindu Yuva Vahini, an outfit of Hindu youngsters affiliated to BJP and founded by the Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath feels empowered. It is alleged that the members of the outfit breaks the law without any fear of law enforcing agencies. The so-called Gau Rakshaks allegedly beat and thrash the legitimate cattle traders. Apart from that, the rise in all forms of crime such as murder, rape, kidnapping has gone high steeply. The law and order situation in UP is going from bad to worse. A video, displayed by a national TV news, shows how a policeman is beaten with Danda mercilessly by two to three young men , and people were watching it. The incidence is of Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh. Undoubtedly, UP is the largest state of the country. No govt. has magic wand to overcome all problems in a day. It is only a little more than two months of Yogi government in the state. Chief Minister Yogi deserves some more time. But the writ of the government must be seen from the first day itself. It is still to be seen in UP. Govt. has immense power and it has no dearth of resources. If it has the political will, it can overcome all problems very shortly. But it appears that Chief Minister Yogi is more interested in the expansion of BJP regime in the country than in concentrating on his own state of UP to improve law and order as early as possible. CM Yogi had gone to Bihar and held meetings there at different places in the state. He appealed the people to support and vote BJP in 2020 in the state. But one thing he forgot that if they knew about the prevailing law and order situation in UP, even BJP’s own voters and supports would not vote the party. The prevailing situation in the state of UP is not good. It is no better than the previous SP regime. There were rapes, murders, kidnapping, molesting etc. in the previous regime so are also happening in the present regime of BJP. How the people would decide that it is better than SP or BSP. So, it is the responsibility of Chief Minister Yogi to take stern action against the lawbreakers. People of the state expect a lot from the BJP govt. If it failed to deliver, its consequences for the party will be disastrous.

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