Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Nation celebrates Intl Yoga Day

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is an avid Yoga practitioner. It is his initiative at the United Nations that June 21 is celebrated as International Yoga Day. Around two hundred countries from all over the world have celebrated June 21 as International Yoga Day. Yoga and India are inter-related. India attaches special importance to it. Yoga has originated in India and it is Indians who have been practicing it since ancient days. The health benefits of practicing Yoga are immense. It keeps the man and woman fit and fine physically and mentally both. But nowhere has it been found that that under the cover of Yoga, commercial interests of a certain personality, who is known for advertising it not only in the country but outside also, are carried forward by the govt. The Govt. of India appears to have put everything into the celebration of International Yoga Day under Prime Minister Narendra Modi. All ministers in the Modi govt. have been deputed to participate in the International Yoga Day functions in different cities of the country. Baba Randev, the chief exponent of Yoga and vocal supporter of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, alongwith different ministers and BJP functionaries have been holding Yoga camps in preparations of the Intl Yoga Day. Yoga is good for health in all respects. But one thing must be taken in view that the providing meal to the poor is more important than Yoga. Yoga is basically a physical exercise. Those who do physical exercises in terms of labour all the day need not practise Yoga. The ploughman or labourer in the field does physical work all the day that compensate them for Yoga well. Yoga and Swachhta campaigns have been pet projects of the Modi-led NDA govt. The entire govt. machineries are pressed into action for Yoga and Swakshta Abhiyan. But the result is zero. All the cities of the country are as dirty as they were, and even after three years of Modi govt. in power there has been no improvement in cleanliness on the ground. The employment avenues are shrinking year by year. The opportunity of employment is becoming less and less. More and more young men are rendered jobless. More than 30 percent of the population sleeps without a meal. But no serious attention is paid towards these burning issues by the govt. Yoga has no meaning for hungry people. All those who are rich and solvent prefer practicing Yoga as they have no other physical work. The field, factory, industry and construction workers need no Yoga. If Yoga is the panacea of all diseases, what is the use of medical sciences? All hospitals, medical colleges should be closed. Only Yoga camps should be organized in every village, town, and city under the supervision of Baba Ramdev. He would held Yoga camps and advertise the products of his Patanjali brand. Though we respect Baba, it now appears that his main occupation is advertising Patanjali products on TVs and in Newspapers through Yoga. In today’s newspapers, a big advertisement on International Yoga Day with the photos of Baba Ramdev, his disciple, and almost all Patanjali products have appeared. What does it mean? It clearly reflects that the commercial interest of Baba Ramdev is at work prominently with his Yoga practices. All know the benefits of Yoga, but it is not the responsibility of the govt. to devote all the time to promote it at the cost of more urgent work. The over enthusiasm with which the govt. promotes Yoga clearly appears that its main interest is to promote Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali products to provide him commercial benefits. All Patanjali products are pure and original, but its prices are so high that the poor man cannot afford to purchase them. We must celebrate International Yoga Day, but the govt. have several other businesses of great importance also. So it must not devote all time to Yoga and leave all social welfare schemes uncared and job generation at a standstill.

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