Thursday, June 29, 2017

Nation's fury against mob lynching

The nation's fury against mob lynching was visible yesterday when hundreds of people under the banner of Not In My Name assembled at Jantar Mantar and in different cities of the countries to protest it. The immediate victim of mob lynching is Junaid, who was stabbed to death on the train on the mere suspicion of carrying beef. In the last, two to three years beef has been considered more important than the life of a human being. The first victim of beef is Mohammad Akhlaq. He was allegedly killed by the members of Right Wing Hindu organization on the suspicion of keeping beef in his refrigerator. The so-called Gau Rakshaks(cow protectors) have taken law into their own hands and they lynch anyone suspected of having beef or involved in cattle trading. Pehlu Khan was also allegedly killed by Gau Rakshaks in Rajasthan because he was caught with cattle while transporting them in a truck. Though he had valid papers about purchasing the cattle from a fair, he was not let off. The mob lynch is against the idea of India. All right thinking people and members of civil society must raise voice against mob lynching to force the government of the day to take stringent action against the perpetrators. The killing of Junaid on the train allegedly by a group of people is nothing but increasing animosity based on religion. The hatred created by a bunch of people for political regions must be condemned by one and all. They appeared to be chauvinists. They have created an atmosphere of fear. The government of the day also doesn’t appear to be prompt in taking action against them. So, they feel empowered. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had himself decried the so-called Gau Rakshaks. He also said that they were criminals at night and Gau Rakshaks by the day. But his statement made no impact on them. Now, PM has rightly warned them that killing people in the name of cow protection is not acceptable. Mob lynching is not new in India. It has been happening in successive regime. Despite being secular democratic republic, it is very sad that govt. becomes helpless in reining lumpen elements for political reasons. Their activities must be curbed by the govt. Otherwise, the message will go loud and clear that the govt. connives with these acts of theirs for political reasons best known to it. India is a secular country. Every citizen has been provided right by the constitution to adopt the religion of his or her faith and belief. BJP is ruling at the Centre and in most of the states where the incident of mob lynching has taken place. It is its responsibility to act against mob lynching immediately. No civil society would ever tolerate the way Junaid, a Muslim boy in his teens was stabbed to death on the train over a trifle thing of seating arrangement. He along with his brothers had boarded the train at Shahadara after shopping in old Delhi for Eid. A group of 15 to 20 people boarded the train at Okhala and asked Junaid and his brothers to vacate seats for them. Argument started over seats that took communal colour. The mob suspected them of carrying beef and one from among them stabbed Junaid to death. The most surprising thing is that no one from among the mob came forward to rescue the Muslim brothers. It means that the climate of fear is created by the lumpen elements. Prime Minister Narendra Modi must intervene immediately and ask all state governments to take stern action against the people irrespective of their political connection. They must be treated as criminals by the police. It is also deplorable that neither the GRP nor the Haryana police showed any action to save Junaid from the mob fury. Even the distress calls made to the Haryana Police went unheeded. Narendra Modi Govt. must take the protests by the civil society against mob lynch and act to reassure the people of their safety and security.

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