Monday, June 5, 2017

Protect and respect nature

Nature and all living beings are interdependent. Both have their roles in day to day lives. Nature has given us everything. It has given us clean water to drink, pure air to breathe, rich forests for adequate rains and fertile soil to grow enough crop to eat and live. So, it is our responsibility to protect the gifts of nature for this and future generation. We must take a pledge not to do anything which goes against nature. The increasing heat on earth year by year is the result of our acts against nature. The emission of greenhouse gases on earth is heating it year by year. The developed and powerful countries of the world have greater responsibility to keep our environment clean. As world Environment Day is celebrated with pledges and vows to do this and that for protecting the nature, the international community must sit together to decide what measures should be taken immediately to ensure full proof protection to the environment. This will be the best gift for the world on the day. June 5 is observed as the world's Environment Day all over the world. It is the responsibility of all human beings and country of the world to protect and respect the nature. The clean environment is pre-requisite to all developments of the human beings. All of us must take a pledge to keep the environment clean from generation to generation. Clean water, pure air, rich forests and fertile soil are the legacies left to us by our ancestors. We have the same responsibility to keep these legacies intact for the next generation. With fast industrialisation, we have committed blunder with nature. There has been deforestation on the large scale for setting up new industries. The shrinking forest area caused the extinction of animals living in forests. It brought imbalance in ecology. Large scale deforestation also led to the erosion of soil. There must be a clarion call to protect nature for the present and the future generation. Without a clean environment, the healthy life can not be possible. So for the sake of protecting all living beings, we must protect nature. We must also take a pledge on the world's environment Day to plant as many trees as possible. The increasing industrialisation has caused the emission of greenhouse gases on earth profusely. It has caused a great danger to the environment. The government of India must launch an awareness campaign among the people about protecting the earth and thereby the environment. The clean environment is required for living a healthy life. The small effort by us to protect the nature will certainly be beneficial to our future generation. To breathe pure air, drink clean water and avail clean environment are the rights of all human beings. It is our responsibility to ensure that plants are not cut and preserves of nature are not destroyed. World Environment Day is the right time to reaffirm our commitment to protecting our environment and nurturing a better planet. World Environment Day 2017 is being observed today across the world and the theme of this year is 'Connecting People to Nature'. According to United Nations, the theme of this year implores people to get outdoors and into nature, to appreciate its beauty and its importance, and to take forward the call to protect the Earth.

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