Friday, February 17, 2017

Army Chief's warning to anti-national elements

Army General Bipin Rawat has rightly warned the anti-national elements and those who sympathise with terrorists and stone palters in the trouble torn-state of Jammu and Kashmir that if they continued to do so, they would be dealt with gun. His warning is justified. He gave this warning while paying tribute to the brave hearts of the Handwara and Bandipora encounters. What wrong the Army General has done by warning the people, who have picked up arms, involved in acts of terrorism and displayed flags of the ISIS and Pak. He has rightly said that Army will treat them as anti-national elements. He has done no wrong in warning the anti-national elements. It is well known that Army uses minimum force and exercises maximum restraint. PDP-BJP alliance govt. also appears to have supported the Army General warning by issuing a statement that it is the responsibility of the parents to keep away their children from the stone pelting sites. Gen. Rawat has neither warned the Kashmiri youths nor common citizens of the state. His statement must not be seen through political prism. It is right that Army must not be involved in politics. But at the same time it is not correct to say that they should not open its mouth about the difficulties being faced by their deployed in Jammu and Kashmir to curb terrorism and keep the citizens of the state protected from terrorists, who are being sent from across the border. There is no wrong in taking action against all those who encourage, support, aid and abet separatism and terrorism in the state. Army General is not expected to say that all anti-national elements will be awarded by the army. General Bipin Rawat has rightly said that sympathisers of terrorists will also be dealt with guns. General Rawat’s warning has unnerved the separatist leaders and anti-national elements in the state. Since the Narendra Modi-led NDA govt. came to power at the Centre, terror acts and infiltration, ceasefire violations have gone up. Though our army personnel give befitting reply to ceasefire violations and terrorists during encounter with them, our several brave hearts have also been martyred in encounter with terrorists, who are sent from across. It appears that terrorists across the border have forgotten the surgical strike undertook by Indian Army in the recent past. So, a stern message was required to be sent across the border that now enough is enough and if they continued to create mayhem in Jammu and Kashmir with overt or covert support from the separatists, Indian Army would not hesitate in taking harsh measures to quell them. General Rawat's warning has upset the separatist leaders because they support the terrorism which is being sponsored by Pakistan in Jammu and Kashmir. Syed Gillani's faction of the Hurriyat Conference, a separatist conglomerate, openly advocated the merger of Jammu and Kashmir with Pakistan while other faction JKLF advocates for the independence. That is why they have been upset and disturbed at the warning of Army General. Anti-national and separatist elements don't deserve to be awarded, but they should be dealt with heavy hand. Jammu and Kashmir is the integral part of India and it will be so. India must act to take away Pakistan-occupied- Kashmir(PoK) with Jammu and Kashmir. The local people of Jammu and Kashmir need feel threatened by the warning of General Rawat. It is for terrorists, anti-national elements and separatists who are bent on breaking our unity and integrity.

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