Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A dangerous city

Delhi is not only a city but it is also national capital. People from all over the country come to the city in search of job, pursue higher studies, get better treatment and make round of it as tourists. As it is a national capital, foreign dignitaries also live in this city. Besides all of them, the common Delhiites live in the city in constant fear and danger. Women are considered to be most unsafe if the disclosures at the annual press conference of Delhi police are anything to go by. There is a rape every four hour in the city. It is shocking and shameful. The incidents of rape hang our heads in shame. Three of the four cases are unsolved by the police. The performance of Delhi Police in curbing crimes against women is not great either. Of the 4,165 molestation cases, 1,132 were not unravelled, while 291 (14%) cases of rape of a total of 2,155 remained unsolved as well. Despite the fact that Delhi police is one of the most smart police forces in the country, its failure to solve the cases is nothing but deplorable. Apart from rape, eve teasing, molestation and stalking of women in the city are common. The situation has reached to such a pass that even the mother and the father of the tiny and teen-aged daughters fear in allowing them to go out of the door after the sun sets in the city. The recent arrest of a serial child rapist in the city exposes the weakness of police force to strike fear among criminals. The women in the city live in the shadow of rape, molestation, eve teasing and stalking. They are always concerned about their safety and security. Despite the enactment of rigorous laws after the Nirbhaya rape and murder incident, the atrocities against women have gone up sharply. Even more heinous crimes have been reportedly committed. Apart from the question of women's safety, Delhi police have to contain murder, kidnapping, theft, robbery and burglary. Police in Delhi is controlled and commanded by the Central government. So, it is the responsibility of the Central govt. to improve their functioning. It is also a fact that the increasing influx of the people in Delhi from all corners of the country has made the task of the police very difficult to tackle the problems that come with them. Central govt. must make the resources available for Delhi police to organize them in the most modern way. Police personnel must be equipped with modern weapons and gadgets to pre-empt any crime in the city. All police stations in the city must be equipped with overhauled vehicle, telephone, weapons and personnel to attend the call made by the victim to act promptly and swiftly. The issue of women's safety must be dealt with sincerity, promptness and swiftness. It is not fourteenth century when the greatest English playwright William Shakespeare said, "Women Thy name is Frailty". It is 21st century when men and women have equal rights. And women even leave men behind in several fields where talents and intelligence are put to test. So women's security must be of utmost importance for Delhi police. It should be dealt with priority. Unless and until police strike fear among criminals and develop contact and co-ordination with the common Delhiites, the graph of crime is bound to go up and up. The gap that exists between the police and the people must be bridged. The sense of alienation among the people with the police creates gap between them. So, the friendly relation between people and police in the city is required to be developed to win the war against crime. .

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