Thursday, February 9, 2017

Confrontation over raincoat barb

After full-throated bashing of the opposition in Lok Sabha, Prime Minister Narendra Modi thumped it so hard with his words in Rajya Sabha that became intolerable for them. He hit where it hurts most. The debate on Motion of Thanks to President both in Lok sabha and Rajya Sabha has increased bitterness between the Opposition and the ruling parties. The language used by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Rajya Sabha against former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh while replying on the motion created unnecessary uproar in Rajya Sabha, and that caused bitterness to the level of walking out by the Congress Party. Prime Minister in his reply on the issue of demonetization enumerated all the plus points in its favour but while praising his predecessor Dr. Singh for his contribution to the nation as economist, he threw a biting barb at him saying that anyone should learn from him the art of steering himself clear of all charges even presiding over corruption ridden regime. PM Modi said this is his art of taking bath wearing a rain coat. Congress Party took the rain coat jibe against its leader very seriously and walked out of the Rajya Sabha and decided to boycott Parliament until PM apologized for it. It is a fact that despite a plethora of alleged scams during the last UPA regime of Dr. Manmohan Singh, there is no charge against him. Even opposition leaders have not alleged that there is any personal involvement of former PM in scam that surfaced during his regime. There may be a charge of inaction against him, but his honesty and integrity cannot be questioned. Even the opposition party leaders never questioned his integrity. But one charge certainly can be made against him that he failed to act in time. PM Modi's acerbic barb against his predecessor is because he was upset when Manmohan Singh attacked his govt. on the issue of demonetization in Rajya Sabha by describing it as a monumental mismanagement, organized loot and plunder. It is because of this that PM Modi made this outrageous jibe against his predecessor. Leveling charge against the opposition is very easy but substantiating it has become difficult for the ruling party. No charge of corruption either against former PM Dr. Singh nor against Congress President, who was also UPA Chairperson, has been substantiated. But whenever there would be any debate and discussion on any issue in Parliament, the corruption charges against the previous regime occupy most of the time. Whatever may be issue of discussion in Parliament, norms, civility and decorum must be maintained. The language should be civilized and within the parameter of the constitution. Now more than two hand half years of Narendra Modi-led NDA govt. have elapsed and since it came to power, the people of the country have only heard repetition of charges and scams against the previous regime from them, but no action. Only choosing confrontation with the opposition and posing about itself as providing corruption free governance without any result on the ground make no meaning. The office of the Prime Minister must be above political partisanship. The language used against the incumbent or former Prime Minister must be civilized. PM's position must be respected.

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