Monday, February 20, 2017

Debasement of democracy

Amidst chaos, ruckus and violence, E Palaniswamy won the trust vote and continued to be the chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. He got 123 votes while the rebel OPS got only 10 thereby he comfortably sailed through. But whatever happened in Tamil Nadu assembly during the trust vote is a total debasement of democracy. All democratic norms, courtesies and rules were thrown to the winds in the T N assembly. AIADMK leader E Pallaniswamy is the nominee of Sasikala, party General Secretary VK Sasikala. She nominated EPS as AIADMK legislature party leader as she was declared guilty in DA case. She was sent to jail after being found guilty by the Supreme Court. EPS was seeking trust vote in the assembly. It was necessitated because Sasikala's leadership was challenged by the rebel O Paneerselvam. He claimed to be the true representative of late Jaylalithaa and he too staked claim to form the govt. Governor Vidya Sagar Rao after some dilly-dallying for some days, he called E Palliniswamy to take oath of office of the Chief Ministership. As Palliniswamy had submitted the signature of support of 124 MLAs and OPS merely submitted of 10 MLAs, Governor called EPS to form govt. and show majority on the floor of assembly within 15 days. E Pallaliswamy sought trust vote and won comfortably. But the behaviour of the opposition DMK MLAs in the assembly has demeaned the democracy. It was the most unsavory day in the assembly of Tamil Nadu. Violence, ruckus, uprooting of microphone and flinging of chairs inside the assembly were the hallmarks of the assembly, though they have become normal practices in almost all state assemblies. But the way DMK MLAs misbehaved with the Speaker in the assembly is nothing but the mockery of democracy. What more despicable and disturbing act could be possible than the spectre of Speaker’s helplessness before the hooliganism in the assembly. He was taken out by the Marshal. His chair was occupied by the DMK MLA in the assembly. He was seen on the TV screens showing his torn shirt and uprooted microphone. It was the lowest point in democracy. Democracy was lowered to abysmal level. DMK MLAs had to be evicted and Congress MLAs walked out. The trust vote was conducted in their absence. It may be feasible that if the assembly was dissolved at this point of time, there could be political benefit for the opposition DMK. But for taking political advantage, hooliganism inside the assembly has no justification. DMK acting President Stalin also showed his torn cloth before the TV cameras outside the assembly, though his shirt appeared to be unbuttoned, not torn. If the elected representatives of the people behave in this manner in the assembly or Parliament, what impact it would have on the common people. Most of the elected representatives considered to be role models for the electors. But when they themselves turn the temple of democracy into a wrestling ground, what can be expected of the common people? EPS won the trust vote in the assembly, but democracy .

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