Saturday, February 11, 2017

Immigrants are assets for America

Despite a setback to President Trump’s executive order of ban on the citizens of seven Muslim countries from travelling in US by the judiciary, he moots yet another brand new executive order on immigration in two to three days, though he has expressed confidence of winning the legal battle. He says that he is about to issue a brand new executive order on immigration to ban the citizens of the seven countries from travelling in the US because of security reasons. It appears that he thinks that due to terrorist activities, which are unfounded, going on in these countries, there is security threat to America if they allowed their citizens to move freely. He cites safety and security reason of the American citizens as of uppermost importance for him. But the fact is that there is no terror activity in those seven countries the citizens of which his executive order bans. It is nothing but the brashness of the US President Donald Trump to garner support on nationalistic issue. Pakistan being the mother of all terror incidents, it is nowhere in the purview of any ban. Pakistan and Afghanistan have not been tagged with the seven Muslim majority countries, which had been banned. Not even a single terrorist accused of involvement in the 9/11 terror attack on America is from any one of the seven countries. How did Trump regime single them out for terror activities are baffling the people all over the world? It appears that Donald Trump suffers from security mania and in the name of safety and security of the American citizens he is blackmailing them. As far as immigration is concerned, America has always kept its gate open for all the citizens from different countries of the world. Globalization is its essence. Immigrants have played a great role in the all round development of America. Talented immigrants from different countries of the world have played their role in the development of America. The concept and essence of America is based on liberalism, broad thinking and cosmopolitan approach. There has never been any discrimination on the ground of origin, colour, community, language, culture, civilization and tradition in America. It is a land of freedom and right. By putting travel ban on the seven Muslim majority countries, the Trump administration had committed Human Rights violations on which a district court of the country has rightly put stay order. The head of the administration of any country must be conscious about safety and security of its citizens. Every country must follow all safety and security norms but it does not mean that for following them, it should compromise with its global essence and character. Has President Trump ever thought of those citizens from one of the seven banned Muslim countries who have sold everything in their motherland to settle in America in an atmosphere of freedom and liberty? America has been known for world destination. So, to keep the global character of America intact, President Trump must restrain from issuing any brash executive order on immigration.

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