Saturday, December 7, 2013

Symbol of sacrifice

Nelson Mandela, South Africa’s first elected black president, was widely respected for his role in fighting racism in the country, and for forgiving his former white captors after his release from prison. Mandela died early Friday at his home in the suburb of Houghton in Johannesburg following a lengthy illness. He was 95. Nelson Mandella’s, an anti-apartheid icon, demise is not only a loss for South-Africa but also for the entire world. He was a symbol of human hope and dignity. He sacrificed prime period of his youthful life in fighting against apartheid regime in South Africa. He had been in jail for 27 years to end the rule of racial discrimination. He was a great friend of India. South Africa as well as the world has lost an apostle of peace and human dignity. He was a great inspirational force in fight against any sort of injustice in society. Mandela had got inspiration from our father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi. Nelson Mandela was lovingly called Madiba. He was a great friend of India. He was a man of firm determination to fight out racial discrimination out of South Africa and wherever this evil existed. He fought against this evil with unwavering zeal and gusto. He was also a great statesman. India always held him in the highest esteem. With Mandela’s death, the light of sacrifice for human dignity has gone. He never became disheartened in his fight against racial discrimination. He also showed forgiveness of the highest order when he forgave his while captors after coming out of prison. He was a great believer of social harmony and peace. He in his fight never resorted to violence. His struggle against injustice and suppression of humanity in South Africa was very much influenced by Gandhian thought. The highest civilian award of India Bharat Ratna was conferred on him for bringing South Africa and India closer to each other.

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