Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Break stalemate and form govt

Delhiites have given their mandate for hung assembly and consequently coalition government. But one thing is certain that they have given mandate against the Congress rule of 15 years in Delhi. The third force in Delhi, which has emerged very strongly in its first attempt, is Aam Admi Party (APP). Its emergence with so massive public support is unprecedented. The atmosphere among the people is so disillusioned due to the misgovernance, price rise and corruption in the Congress regime that they saw hope in AAP. APP is only little more than a year old. During its very short period, APP founder, convener and supremo Arvind Kejriwal caught the imagination of Delhiites and they started rallying around him with hope and aspiration. Kejriwal’s AAP has fought against both Congress and BJP, the two traditional political parties in Delhi. AAP has won 28 and BJP 32 assembly seats, Congress 8 and others 2. Neither BJP nor AAP is in a position to form government on its own. Congress is nowhere in the field. Now with the notification of election results, the way is clear to start government formation process. Lt. Governor of Delhi Najeeb Jung will explore all possibilities of government formation. Though neither the BJP nor the APP is in a position to form the government, democratic norms and tradition make demand on them first the BJP and then the AAP to try to form the government to work for the people about which they have promised to them. BJP being the largest party has bigger responsibility to give a try to government formation exercise. In the given position of hung assembly, the two big political parties BJP and AAP must try to find like minded party or parties to form the coalition government on common minimum programme to deliver. Both BJP and AAP have made great promises to the people and they gave their mandate. They can come together to form the coalition government as people have given their mandate to them against the Congress to rule together. But after weighing future political prospects and present profit and loss, both BJP and APP refuse to form the government. Delhiites have given clear message for coalition government opposed to Congress. If they do not form government, they disrespect Delhiites’ mandate. Lt Governor Najeeb Jung is now expected to formally explore all options to put in place a government and is likely to call BJP, which along with its ally Akali Dal’s one seat, has support of 32 MLAs in the 70-member House. If BJP declines such an offer, then Jung may ask AAP if it was willing to explore the possibility of government formation. In case AAP also refuses to take the offer, then the Lt Governor may be left with little option but to recommend central rule.

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