Friday, December 27, 2013

Cong election exercise

Congress Party Vice-President Rahul Gandhi appears to have realized that the rising prices of essential commodities, food grains, green vegetables and corruption have caused humiliating defeat of the Party in the recently concluded assembly elections in five states. That is why he is holding meeting with top party leaders and Chief Ministers 12 Congress-ruled states to prepare strategy so that the humiliation of defeats in assembly elections may not be repeated in Lok Sabha elections. Congress Party tally in Lok Sabha can only improve if its government at the Centre reins in price rise and corruption forthwith. Misgovernance and corruption of the Centre have also played key role in Congress party defeat in the recently concluded assembly elections. Congress party also needs to galvanize the organization all over the nation for fighting Lok Sabha elections. It is in disarray. The unbridled price rise and the corruption during the Congress-led UPA-II regime have given the message among the common people that Congress Party leaders and ministers are completely unconcerned about their plight. That is why they have reflected their anger in the just concluded assembly elections in four states where Congress Party has been badly routed. If the Congress Chief Ministers failed to act against hoarders, black marketeers, agents and touts to bring down the prices of essential commodities, party is sure to be wiped out in Lok Sabha elections next year. Congress leadership must think that the common people have nothing to do with the downturn in economy all over the world. Their main concerns are prices of essential commodities including food grains that should be avail to them at cheap and affordable price . Prime Minister Manmohan Singh himself assured the people umpteen times that he would bring down price in hundred days. His government failed to do. So, he has lost credibility among the people. The message has gone loud and clear among the people that it is beyond Congress-led UPA government to check price rise and corruption. So if Rahul Gandhi has to be in reckoning in the race for Prime Minister of the nation, he must first put pressure on Manmohan Singh government to act to check price rise and corruption immediately. Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi held meeting with 12 party Chief Ministers in Delhi to prepare strategy to fight the coming Lok Sabha elections. There is no doubt that the Congress workers are badly demoralized in the states where it has been thrown out of power in the recently held assembly elections and also in the states where it has been out of power for more than two decades. UP and Bihar are among them where Congress Party is out of power for more than two decades. These two states are politically most important and play a vital role in the power play of the nation. The twelve states where Congress Party is in Power are relatively small states. Party's first strategy would be to win all Lok Sabha seats from there and stop the wave going against it in other states of the nation. He must galvanize the party organization and put life into it in the state of UP and Bihar to take on opposition in LS elections with full confidence. Time is running out. So, UPA-II govt. must act fast. Otherwise, Congress is doomed to lose LS elections.

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