Monday, December 9, 2013

People’s anger against Cong over price rise

The complete rout of the Congress Party in the four state assembly elections reflect the anger of the people over price rise and corruption against the Congress-led UPA government at the Centre. Congress lost Rajashthan to BJP very badly and the BJP retained its rule in Madhya Pradesh and Chattishgarh for the third some in a row. BJP retained power in Madhya Pradesh under its leader Chief Minister Shivraj Singh with 2/3rd majority for third consecutive time and won power from Congress under the leadership of Vasundhra Raje Scindhia with massive majority. BJP Chief Minister of Chattishgarh Dr. Raman Singh also scored hatric, though with narrow margin. Congress lost Delhi very badly, which it ruled for 15 years continuously under the leadership of Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit. The loss of Congress in Rajashthan and Delhi is more because of the failure of its government at the Centre in containing price rise and corruption than of the failure of these two governments in the states. The unbridled price rise and corruption in Congress-led UPA government made the people in Madhya Pradesh, Rajashthan and Chattishgarh look towards BJP as their savour and voted for it in large numbers. The most stunning result of the assembly elections is of Delhi where the new one and half year old political outfit Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) under the leadership of bureaucrat-turned social activist-cum- politician Arvind Kejriwal got unprecedented success by winning 29 seats. AAP fought both the ruling Congress and the opposition BJP on the issue of corruption. As far as corruption is concerned, AAP considers both Congress and BJP as the two sides of the same coin. AAP caught the imagination of Delhiites and they saw in it as an honest alternative to both Congress and BJP. Most of the Congress and BJP vote banks shifted to AAP. It played major role in decimating the Congress Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit’s regime of 15 years. Though the main opposition BJP exploited Delhiites’ anger against Congress over price rise and corruption by winning the largest number of seates in Delhi assembly, AAP has provided the most honest and credible political alternative of Congress and BJP for principled politics to Delhiites. Delhiites have voted for AAP in large numbers but they have given their mandated for hung assembly. Even emerging as the largest political party in assembly, the BJP is also four short of simple majority in the asembly of 70. APP has won only 28 and Congress could not even get double digit. It is the most ignominable exit for the fifteen years rule of Sheila Dikshit in Delhi. Though the Congress has retained power in Mizoram, its worsening performance in MP, Rajashthan, Delhi and Chattishgarh assembly elections needs immediate introspection. Unbridled price rise during the Congress regime of UPA-II has become the signgle most important factor of people’s wrath against the party. If it wants to be in reckoning in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, Congress must analyse the assembly election results seriously and take remedial measures urgently. Otherwise doomsday awaits Congress Party.

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