Friday, December 13, 2013

AAP’s inability or betrayal of mandate

It is nothing but Aam Admi Party’s (AAP) inability or betrayal of Delhiites’ mandate despite unconditional offer of support to it to form the government and come up to voters' expectation by the Congress party. It is now clear that neither the BJP nor the AAP is going to form the government in Delhi. Both have the same reason that they do not have required number of MLAs. It is also amply clear that the Delhiites have voted for change of Congress regime with coalition government. That is why they have thrown up hung assembly. BJP with 32 seats has emerged as the largest political party in Delhi assembly followed by AAP with 28 , Congress with only 8 and others 2 in the house of 70. As according to the constitutional provision, Lt. Governor invited BJP legislature party Harshvardhan and asked him to form the government but he showed his inability on account of being short of required number of seats to prove majority. After BJP, Lt. Governor invited AAP legislature party leader Arvind Kejriwal for meeting to explore the possibility of government formation by him. AAP is to meet Lt. Governor today, but already made it clear that it would not form the government despite unconditional support of 8 MLAs offered by the Congress Party that makes up the number required for majority. Now it is clear that that Delhi will go to polls in the next six months. President’s rule will be imposed in absence of the elected government. By not trying to explore possibilities of alliances to form the government both by BJP and AAP, they show their moral high ground with an eye to exploit it in their favour in the coming Lok Sabha elections. Both BJP and AAP also try to send the message to Delhiites that they are not impatient for power and they can not adopt horse trading and sale and purchase of Legislatures. They do not want to show that they are not forming the government because of the big promises, which are very difficult to be kept, made by both BJP and AAP to Delhiites during election campaigns. Both BJP and AAP make their field for future political prospects. But have they ever thought what about Delhiites who have given them mandate to give relief. In democracy, the people vote for government and not for elections again within six months. AAP must think that rigidity has no place in politics. When Congress party extends it unconditional support to form the government, why do not they do it and deliver to the people they promised them? They can reduce 50 percent of electricity rate, provide free water supply, act agaist the alleged corrupt leaders of BJP and Congress leaders and appoint much touted Lokayukta and come to the expectation of Delhiites. Otherwise, the clear message will go among the Delhiites that AAP made promises, which can not be kept, and they do not know the ABCD of politics. Stunning victory for AAP is meant for providing Delhiites good and corruption free government. By not forming the government, BJP and AAP both have betrayed the mandate of Delhiites. It will certainly not brighten their future political prospects.

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