Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Deliberate disruptions

One session after another of Parliament has been failed to function during the tenure of UPA-II. This is perhaps the last session of Parliament in this dispensation of the UPA government before general elections. Lok Sabha elections are going to be held any time between March and May 2014. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s dispensation never saw the smooth functioning of Parliament. Opposition parties raised one issue after another and the ruling benches always opposed them resulting in the din and bustle inside the house, and Speaker was left with no option but to adjourn the House for the day. This has been regular phenomenon. In the last four and half years of UPA-II, Parliament has witnessed the same situation i.e. of disruptions and non-functioning of Parliament. Every session of Parliament has witnessed only disruption, bedlam and chaos and no constructive debate and discussion. Parliament is the highest Panchayat in democracy where public, national and international issues are expected to be discussed and debated in detail. But neither the opposition nor the ruling parties are interested in constructive debate and discussion. Every political party tries to put its views and interest above every thing. Running into the well of the house, uprooting mike, tearing up papers and flinging furniture at opponents have become the fashion among the members of Parliament. The developing trend among the political parties is a serious cause of concern in democracy. Member of one party is not prepared to hear the other. MPs are also less concerned about constructive debate and discussion on any issue and more about grabbing the media attention by behaving awkwardly in the house. The ongoing session of Parliament has important business to transact but so far its first three days have been sacrificed at the altar of disruptions, chaos and bedlam. All political parties have their separate political agenda. No one is prepared to listen to the other. That is why Parliament has failed to function so far since its beginning. This is disastrous for the democracy. The responsibility to run the Parliament smoothly falls on treasury as well as opposition benches. Both have to listen patiently to each other’s point of view. Both are equally responsible for continued disruptions in Parliament.

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