Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Lesson for political class

By rejecting VIP culture and saying no to government security and bungalow, CM-elect of Delhi and Aam Admi Convener Arvind Kejriwal has set a lesson for the political class whose standing has fallen to the lowest level because of its pomp and show on the expense of public exchequer. It is not only Arvind Kejriwal but all his ministers would not move to government bungalow and take security. They will live as Aam Admi as they lived before being elected to the legislative assembly. Opposition parties may say it symbolic but Kejriwal’s rejection of VIP culture will have lasting impact on the common people of Delhi. Aam Admi ministers, MLAs and government officials will also not use cars fitted with red beacon and hooter. They will identify themselves with the Aam Admi. It was the first promise made to Delhiites during election campaigns and they have kept it before the oath-taking ceremony. The leaders of two major political parties-ruling Congress and Opposition must learn a lesson from Aam Admi, though there are a few Congress leaders also who have taken neither any government security nor big bungalow. The chief characteristic of Aam Admi Party leaders is that they are easily connected with Aam Admi, which the Congress and BJP leaders fail to do because of their lavish living style at the expense of public exchequer. The lavish lifestyle of the leaders of these major political parties causes aversion among the commoners for them. Their appearance in the public with posse of security personnel repels the commoners from them. Their VIP culture on the basis of public mandate and at public exchequer has also been exposed by the Aam Admi during Delhi election campaigns. The common Delhiites found the leaders of Aam Admi as their part and parcel. That is why they voted for Aam Admi Party on the large scale. Aam Admi’s stunning success in Delhi assembly elections is a very clear message for the political class in general and Congress and BJP leaders in particular that if they failed to understand the strength of Aam Admi in democracy, the days are not far off when Aam Admi party will send them bag and baggage from the entire nation. CM-elect Arvind Kejriwal is most probably going to be sworn in on 26 December at Ramlila Maidan as Chief Minister of Delhi. With his swearing in ceremony, a new chapter not only in politics of Delhi but also of the entire country will begin. Kejriwal’s sincerity to work for Aam Admi itself reflects that he will leave no stone unturned in fulfilling his commitments to the people. Though Kejriwal is going to form his government with outside support of the Congress Party against which he has fought elections and won, stability of his government will always be in question.

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