Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Kejriwal evades responsibility

Aam Admi Party Convener Arvind Kejriwal appears to be in Hameletian Syndrome over the formation of government in Delhi. He is in two minds on taking support from Congress. It also appears that the AAP is itself divided on the issue of government formation with outside support from Congress. It has defeated Congress very badly on the issue of corruption and price rise. AAP also appears to have realized that it is not only very difficult but almost impossible for it to fulfill the promises it made in elections. That is why it is going to stage drama of consulting 25 Delhiites to know their views on government formation issue with Congress support. Arvind Kejriwal also must think that democratic system demands that there must be government formation on the basis of single party or multi-party majority to serve the people. If Arvind Kejriwal’s AAP fails to form the government in Delhi, a clear message will go to the people that AAP is deliberately evading responsibility for fear of its inability to deliver on the huge promise it had made in elections. While the situation in Delhi demands up on AAP to form government and deliver. It has undoubtedly got the stunning victory in its debut elections. It has achieved rare feat in winning the confidence of Delhiites in so short time. So, it must respect Delhiites’ verdict and form the government. Despite the unconditional support of Congress Party and its unanimity on 16 conditions out of 18 conditions put forward by Kejriwal to form government, he is still dithering on the issue. Public pressure is mounting on him and his party leaders for forming the government. Delhi elections have thrown up hung assembly. BJP won 32, AAP 28, Congress 8 and others two in the house strength of 70. It is necessary to win at least 36 seats for working majority in Delhi assembly, which no party has got. In the given situation, either first or second largest political party has responsibility to form government and deliver on the promises it made to Delhiites in elections. It is simple thing to understand that BJP despite emerging as the largest party in Delhi assembly, it refused to form the government because no support for it was forthcoming. As far as the AAP is concerned, it can not evade responsibility to form the government when it get outside support to prove its majority. Only taking high moral ground in speech can also prove to be disastrous politically for AAP if it does not form the government in the obtaining situation after the election result in Delhi. AAP must not linger to keep its grandstanding issues alive up to the Lok Sabha elections to exploit the situation politically in its favour in other states of India like Delhi.

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