Monday, August 26, 2013

Vote bank politics in full swing

Neither the ruling Samajwadi Party of Uttar Pradesh has any thing to do for the uplift of Muslim minority in the state nor the Vishwa Hindu Parishad has any thing to do with Hindu religion. Both are playing the vote bank politics. With the nearing of Lok Sabha elections, the political parties have started practising vote bank politics in full swing. VHP’s Chaurashi Koshi Parikrama Yatra is a glaring example of vote bank politics being indirectly undertaken at the behest of main opposition party Bhartiya Janata Party to polarize Hindu votes in its favour in the coming assembly elections in five states in November and Lok sabha elections in May 2014. It has been the habit of BJP to exploit the name of Lord Ram for Hindu votes. Though Chaurashi Koshi Parikrama Yatra by the VHP, which is one of the offshoots of Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh, was stopped and not allowed to even undertake yatra upto 84 steps by the Samajwadiwadi Party government of Uttar Pradesh, it has brought the issue of Hindutva to the fore before elections again. UP Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav government, initially, indicated that a compromise was reached with the VHP that it would undertake Chaurashi Koshi Parikrama Yatra peacefully in Ayodhya, but later on realizing that the message would go out in public about its hands in glove with BJP, it took harsh measures against saints and stopped them from embarking on their mission. It is the fundamental right of the individual to carry out religious practices without any control. It is not possible for the government in a secular state to allow the religious practices, which are carried out with purely religious motive and intention. VHP’s Chaurashi Koshi Praikrama was purely guided by politics. The government in a secular state also must not take harsh measures against majority community unnecessarily to keep its minority vote bank intact. RSS is the doting parent of BJP, VHP, Bajran Dal and other Hindu outfits. All its organizations are working for the benefit of one another. So, with the nearing of elections, VHP has strongly raised the issue of Ayodhya to benefit BJP politically. The way Chaurashi Koshi Parikrama Yatra was stopped before its took off reflects that it was like a match fixed between the ruling Samajwadi Party and the VHP. Both showed how serious they were in protecting their respective vote banks. The common general people of Ayodhya have shown little interest in Chaurashi Koshi Yatra of VHP. They have clearly understood that VHP is the pawn in the hands of BJP. Ruling SP and BJP are trying their best to create communal tension in the state of Uttar Pradesh, which sends 80 Lok Sabha members, to polarize the votes of majority and minority communities.

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