Thursday, August 22, 2013

Shun confrontationist approach in Parliament

It appears that to adopt confrontationist approach by the opposition parties towards any move of the ruling parties has become a habit, no matter whether it is beneficial for the people or not. It reflects their their sole intention of disrupting the parliamentary proceedings on regular basis only to attract attention and score political points. This sort of behaviour is increasingly seen when elections come nearer. This confrontationist trend is developing very fast in Parliament among our political parties. It is very bad for national development and solution of the problems being faced by the people. All political parties are responsible for it. Today’s ruling party becomes tomorrow’s opposition. So, it can not be said that disrupting Parliament’s functioning is only the trait of particular political party when it is in opposition. Since Dr. Manmohan Singh UPA-II govt came back to power in 2009, the trend of disrupting the functioning of the Parliament has increased immensely. It has been the hallmark of this period in the parliamentary history. It sends the message among the people that all political leaders have made the biggest institution of democracy-Parliament- a place of chaos, anarchy and pandemonium. No session of Parliament in the last four years has been conducted smoothly partly due to the confrontationist attitude adopted by the opposition parties, especially the main opposition party the BJP towards the ruling parties and partly due to breaking out scandals and scams at regular intervals in Dr. Manmohan Singh-led UPA-II Govt. This is the last monsoon session of Parliament before the nation goes to Lok Sabha elections most probably in May 2014. In the ongoing monsoon session of Parliament, Government wants to pass the Food Security Bill, which is considered to be the first of its kind in the world on such a large scale. With the enactment of the Food Security Bill, no poor or their child will go hungry as it would enable them to purchase Wheat at Rs two per kg and rice Rs. 3 per kg. It is not an ordinary bill and the day will be historic on which Parliament passes it. It will provide opportunity to 67 per cent of the population to purchase wheat and rice at the nominal price. Politically, Food Security Bill is definitely going to be a game changer. The Congress-led UPA will naturally going to be politically benefited as Food Security Bill would strengthen its claim of bondage with Aam Aadmi. No political party dare oppose the bill in open but the main opposition party BJP is aggressively looking for an excuse to stall it in Parliament. The ruling Congress-led UPA has also given the opposition parties one opportunity after another to grill it in Parliament. In the ongoing monsoon session of Parliament, missing of files from coal ministry echoes in Parliament and Opposition BJP is adamant on Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh’s speech how that happened before discussing any bill, no matter how important it is. It is almost a week of the session since there has been no discussion in Parliament. What has been seen is chaos and pandemonium over missing of important files from coal ministry and Telangana.

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