Friday, August 2, 2013

Unrest among political class over SC verdict

An all-party meeting has voiced concern over erosion of supremacy of Parliament with demands being made for a change in the mechanism of higher judiciary appointments and a response to the recent Supreme Court judgements on disqualification of legislators and barring those behind bars from contesting elections. The leaders of all political parties in their meeting reacted vehemently to Supreme Court verdict that appears that they consider themselves to be above law and no institution can question their rights and privileges, however they might promote in the entry of criminals in politics. The SC in its verdict has said that the day court of law convicts legislators, they will be disqualified and no legislators who are in jail can contest the elections. The political leaders who are seldom seen in agreement with the leaders of other political parties on any burning issues have shown miraculous unity against the highest court of the nation only because they feel that it has made attempt to erode their supremacy. They feel to be supreme and law unto themselves. This is a very dangerous trend growing in our polity. It is true that until and unless the guilt of the accused is proven in the highest court of the land, they can not be held guilty, no matter how serious accusation of crime they are facing in the court of law. But at the same time it is very essential to cleanse polity of criminal elements by disqualifying after the conviction by the court of law at any level and debarring them from contesting elections from jails. The political leaders feels themselves sacrosanct and nothing is above them. Every body knows that Parliament is supreme in Parliamentary democracy. It has right to make law. That is why its members are called law makers. But that does not mean that all other institutions have no say in the country. Judiciary is also one of the fours pillars of governance in parliamentary democracy. It is independent and it has the authority to hear any petition against the law made by the Parliament. So its verdict can not be made null and void by the government to please political class. In a meeting of all political parties a demand has been made on the government to amend the law that the could not disqualify and debar legislators from contesting elections from jails. They appear to be agitated over because 80 per cent of legislators are facing criminal cases. This is the position of our political class.

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