Saturday, August 24, 2013

Delhi gang rape replicated in Mumbai

16th December gang rape has been replicated in Mumbai. The entire nation is shocked, anguished and saddened over the brutal gang rape of 22 years old woman photojournalist in Mumbai. We hang our head in shame over the Mumbai photojournalist gangrape. To protest December 16th Delhi gang rape strongly, the people all over the nation had come out on streets. They were protesting against the rapists and demanding the stringent punishment for them. Even the government in Delhi started trembling at the rage of the people on streets against the incident of brutal Delhi gang rape. The Government of India also acted promptly and enacted the stringent law to punish the rapists very quickly. But if the gang rape of 22 years old photojournalist is anything to go by, the laws made by the government after Nirbhay gang rape incident did not make any impact. It did not deter the criminal minded people of the society to attack the woman sexually. It also did not strike any fear among them. Mumbai photojournalist gang rape has proved that it is not effective. How stringent law be enacted there will be no impact on the rapists unless and until there is awakening in our society against rape and any kind of assault on women. So, social awakening about crime against women is also very important. Like Delhi, Mumbai is also a metropolitan city. Delhi is the national capital while Mumbai is the commercial capital of the nation. One thing also to be taken seriously into consideration is that until and unless the law enforcing authorities strike fear among law breakers, they will not hesitate in committing heinous crime like rape, which is also an inhuman act. Mumbai photojournalist gang rape took place around 6 PM as reported when there was no dark. The photojournalist is working with an English Life Style Magazine. She was working on a project in which she had to file the photo of the area where the incident took place. It was an industrial unit. The five rapists raped the photojournalist one by one after she was separated from her friend with whom she had gone there to shoot the photo. The rapists bound her friend’s hands and also beat him mercilessly. So, when the woman journalist is not safe on Mumbai streets, what can be expected of common Mumbaikers? So far Mumbai was considered to the safest metropolitan city of the nation. But the gang rape of photojournalist has hung the heads of Mumbaiker in particular and the entire nation in general in shame. The government should immediately undertake both tightening of law and order machineries and launching of social awakening programmes on crime against women. All accused of rape must be brought to book as early as possible and the rape case hearing must be done by fast track court so that it could be ensured that deterrent punishment was awarded to the rapists as early as possible. This will also send the message to criminal minded people in society that if they dared attack women, they would be punished stringently. It is not that there was no law against the attackers of women before the Nirbhai Delhi Gang rape incident. The most vital issue is that how effectively the laws are executed against the rapists so that they could be awarded deterrent punishment very quickly. A second accused in the brutal gang rape of a 23-year-old photojournalist was arrested on Saturday from south Mumbai even as police launched a manhunt for three others in the case, which sparked a wave of protests.

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