Thursday, August 8, 2013

Stop politicizing, send tough message

Today Defence Minister AK Antony in his statement in Parliament held Pakistan army directly responsible for the killing of five Indian soldiers while they were patrolling along the Line of Control. Around 20 heavily armed men comprising terrorists and Pak army jawans carried out ambush and killed five Indian soldiers inside the Line of Control (LoC). The statement given by the Defence Minister A K Antony in Parliament on the LoC killing of five soldiers yesterday had provided escape route to Pakistan. And his statement clearly reflected the Indian government's lineincy with Pakistan.This created uproar in Parliament by the Opposition BJP and demanded of AK Antony to tender apology for his lapses. That he has corrected today in Parliament. Both the ruling Congress-led UPA and the Opposition BJP-led NDA must stop politicizing the issue of our brave soldiers who martyred for the nation. They must not indulge in scoring political points over each other at this juncture.The nation needs to stand united at this moment and every political party must speak in one voice in the interest of the nation. The war can not be declared instantly but tough posture towards Pakistan could be adopted to show it that enough is enough and any more terror operations from across the border will have dangerous consequences born out of retaliatory measures by India. India also must not pursue any move to start talks at any level until and unless terror operations against it from the soil of Pakistan is stopped. Pak army has committed ceasefire violation umpteen times since the Ceasefire Agreement was put in place in 2003. Former Pak President General Musharraf had also given assurance to India that Pak would not allow terror operation from its soil. But it has been going on in blatant violation of his assurances. Did the External Affairs ministry though its diplomats has ever raised this issue against Pakistan on international stage and with the US, which despite all the mischief and misdemeanor of Pakistan impresses upon India to keep talking? What is meaning of this talk? India should also tell the US President Obama that as it has cancelled his summit talk with the Russian counterpart Putin because he has gone against his wishes so is doing with Pakistan as it has been hurting its interest. One the one hand our soldiers are killed in ambush by Pak army and the terrorists sponsored by it frequently and we should engage ourself in talks with it on the other. It is nothing but our foolishness. It also sends the message out that we are a soft, weak and shaken state. Whether the new regime of Nawaz Sharif in Pakistan is in control or not is itself a doubtful matter because the moment he won the elections, he showed positive gestures towards India but the ground reality is that his soldiers carried out ambush on LoC and killed five Indian soldiers. It reflects that Nawaz Sharif’s positive posture towartds India did not go well the all powerful Pak army and its most notorious Inter Services Intelligence (ISI), who give all patronage to terror outfits like Lashkar-e-Toiba, Jaish-e-Mohammad and Hijbul Mujahideen to create mayhem and disturbance under the guidance Mumbai terror attack mastermind Hafiz Saeed. India must make it crystal clear to Pakistan that no talks can be possible until and unless it takes credible action against perpetrators of Mumbai attacks who are safely ensconsed and availing state patronage there. The same message also must be sent to the US that this is our condition and this must be fulfilled before initiating any talk with Pakistan.

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