Friday, August 16, 2013

Respect sanctity and tradition

Independence Day is celebrated every year on August 15 with full gusto and enthusiasm all over the nation. It is the most auspicious, glorious and happiest day for all Indians. Prime Minister addresses the nation from the ramparts of the Red Fort on Independence Day every year. It is the day to rise above all political rivalries, discord and considerations. It is the day to affirm national pride and take vow to protect it at all costs. The entire nation celebrates it with full gusto and enthusiasm, forgetting all political rivalries and discord. Prime Minister does not belong only to the ruling political party but also the entire nation. In parliamentary democracy, disagreement between the ruling and the opposition parties is natural. But it does not mean that on this very auspicious day itself the prime minister should be criticized vehemently by the main opposition BJP leader and the Chief Minister of Gujarat Narendra Modi, who is most likely to be projected as the prime ministerial candidate of the party in 2014 Lok Sabha elections. He should not let PM down by challenging him for a debate on development in the open while hoisting the flag on Independence Day from Bhuj College campus in Gujarat. 15th of August is the Independence Day and all Indians celebrate it with full gusto. The opposition party leaders have every right to criticisize the Prime Minister on other 364 days. At least on this auspicious day, there must not be any criticism of the Prime Minister. Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi who appears to be in mad haste to become the prime minister of the nation after Lok Sabha elections in 2014 if the BJP wins. Modi must know that there are 28 states in India. So, there are 28 Chief Ministers also. All unfurl the flag on Independence Day in their respective states. And all are not Congress-ruled states. There are several non-Congress and non-BJP ruled states. No other opposition Chief Minister has ever challenged the Prime Minister on this auspicious day. Modi has not only criticized the Prime Minister but also let down the image of the nation, and by doing so in the eyes of foreign countries . Modi may be a good administrator and have provided good governance to the people of Gujarat. His Gujarat model of development may be the most suitable for the state, but it can not suit the remaining 27 states. He is also not only the single leader who has brought his party to power thrice and became the CM of the state three times in a row. There are also several other Chief Ministers who have won the state assembly elections and become Chief Ministers three consecutive times. Narendra Modi must not show his vaulting ambition of being the Prime Minister of the nation after 2014. His blunt and arrogant utterings against the Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh have rightly been criticized all over the nation. It shows his trivial thinking and approach. He has to cover a very long distance to reach New Delhi and get power. And for that at least in India, he will have to go through penance for the alleged stigma of 2002 Gujarat riot. India is a secular and liberal nation and the leaders of sectarian belief are unacceptable.

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