Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Belated, but historic

At last, the Food Security Bill has been moved belatedly in the Lok Sabha and passed ; it is going to be the only great achievement of UPA-2 Government in the last four years. After the passage of Food Security Bill in Lok Sabha, it is now almost certain that this historic bill for poor Indian will see the light of the day. It is most likely that Upper House will also clear the Food Security Bill. Food Security Bill is the brainchild of Congress President and UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi. The fervent appeal she made to all the MPs in Lok Sabha in her speech during the debate on the bill clearly reflected how serious she was to ensure that now no Indian should go hungry. Her stress on the point of resource crunch that India has to manage resources to feed its poor amply reflects about her sincerity to get the Food Security Bill passed in the Lok Sabha. It is certainly going to be the game changer for the Congress-led UPA to bring it back to power for third consecutive time. Food Security Bill certainly identifies the Congress Party with the Aam Aadmi. It will strengthen its bondage with the poor common people of India. With the nearing of Lok Sabha elections, this Food Security Bill will certainly turn the table in elections in favour of the Congress party. As Food Security Bill is important politically and it is specially meant for the poor people of India, no political party dare oppose it despite their strong reluctance initially. Food Security Bill will also help Congress hide most of the scandals that have broken out during its regime. As no political party could dare vote against this bill, it was passed in Lok Sabha very smoothly. After MNREGA, it is the Food Security Bill that has the potential to get the ruling Congress-led UPA through the coming Lok Sabha elections if it was implemented in the remaining 8 months period properly and sincerely. The Food Security Bill seeks to provide cheap food grains to 82 crore people in the country, ushering in the biggest programme in the world to fight hunger. The ambitious bill was adopted by the Lower House through a voice vote after a combined discussion on the measure and a statutory resolution seeking to disapprove the ordinance promulgated on 5th July. Over 300 amendments moved by the opposition were rejected. The legislation was passed after a day-long debate during which Congress President Sonia Gandhi, during her maiden speech in the 15th Lok Sabha, said, “Our goal for the foreseeable future must be to wipe out hunger and mal-nutrition from our country.”

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