Thursday, June 6, 2013

Wake-up call for Congress

The result of by-elections in Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar is not only very disappointing for the ruling Congress party at the Centre but also a wake-up call for it. If the party fails to respond and make serious introspection, it is bound to bite the dust in Lok Sabha election and consequently be thrown out of power. The result for 2 Lok Sabha by-elections and 4 assembly seats in Gujarat went in favour of the BJP. They were Congress seats that were grabbed by the ruling BJP in the state of Gujarat. Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’ JD(U) also lost the Maharganj parliamentary seat to Lalu’s RJD. It is also a jolt for Bihar CM much-published development work in the state. The margin with which RJD candidate won the seat amply reflects the falling popularity of the ruling coalition NDA in the state. As far as the number of votes polled by the defeated Congresss parliamentary candidate in Bihar is concerned, it amply reflects that the party is going down and down since it was thrown out of power in 1990 in the state. The condition of the Congress party in the largest state of the country Uttar Pradesh is also getting worse and worse. The main reason behind the collapsible position of the Congress Party in these two politically and electorally most important Hindi heartland states of the nation is the moribund stage of the organization set-up of the party at all levels in these two states. Add to the already worsening condition, the total failure to check price rise and corruption by the Congress-led Dr. Manmohan Singh UPA government at the Centre. The Congress party is betraying the poor people of the nation for whom it gave the slogan of Aam Aadmi, that is, party is with the common and poor people. On the contrary to its slogan for pro-poor people, it has worked so far only in favour of the rich. Despite being the world-renowned economist, the PM has mismanaged the economy to the level from which he has not the ability to recover and bring it back on rails. The business and corporate houses have already realized the ground reality and that is why they look towards the divided opposition after 2014 Lok Sabha with hope. Congress party itself sees its doom. Its government appears to have neither any energy nor courage to retrieve the fast declining trends in all areas of its activity through positive and honest action. Now enough is enough. And if any how the UPA-II last its term, it is like burden on the nation. The people, especially the poor, have become so disillusioned with the government because of its utter failure to check backbreaking price rise and corruption, they appear to have made their mind to throw it in the coming Lok Sabha elections. So, the Congress party needs immediately to swing into action and compel the government to act as its time is running out fast to meet the doomsday.

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