Thursday, June 13, 2013

JD(U)’s parting shot

JD(U) is in Hamletian Syndrome whether to come out of NDA or to remain in it. Once it made its stand clear on the issue of prime ministerial candidate of NDA for 2014 Lok Sabha elections, JD(U) must not go back on its stated stand. JD(U)’s largest alliance partner is BJP in NDA and it has prepared the ground for announcing the name of Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi as prime ministerial candidate whose secular credentials are questionable. In the give situation, what it is waiting for. JD(U) should have immediately broken all relations with and come out of NDA to uphold its principled stand. The longer the JD (U) remains in NDA with BJP, the deeper damage it will suffer in respect of Muslim minority votes in the state of Bihar. By breaking away with BJP, JD (U) also cannot lose the power as it has already reportedly managed 4 independent MLAs for simple majority in assembly. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is heading the JD (U)-BJP NDA government in BIhar. JD (U) has 118 MLAs and BJP 95 in the 243 members Bihar assembly. JD(U) is one of the oldest allies of BJP. Both are in partnership for 17 years.JD(U) and BJP are running coalition government in Bihar very smoothly since they together threw Lalu-Rabri duo regime of RJD in 2005. But the recent development in BJP with the rise of Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi to an unchallenged position in the party makes it clear that it is most likely that he would be the face or prime ministerial candidate of BJP in 2014 Lok sabha elections. BJP says that Narendra Modi is its most famous face. He has been made the Chairman of BJP's election campaign committee for 2014 Lok sabha elections. JD(U) has already made its stand that the prime ministerial candidate should be of secular credential and supporter of the development of backward and poor states. Narendra Modi fits nowhere in this scheme of things. Despite the known stand of JD(U), BJP propped up Modi on top of its national political stage. Though being the largest party in NDA, BJP has every right to declare prime ministerial candidate under whom the NDA would go to Lok Sabha elections. Not to lose the Muslim minority votes in Bihar, JD(U) is dead against Modi as the stigma of 2002 Gujarat riots is still stuck to his face and this bring his secular credentials under question. JD(U) has become confirmed that BJP has already made it mind to project Narendra Modi openly in the last hours when all way out for it would be closed. So, it is a matter of a day or two within which JD(U) has to take a call on whether it would remain be in NDA with BJP or come out of it. JD(U) has also gone too far in public on the stand of opposing and criticizing the face of BJP that from there it can not retrace its step. So, its divorce with BJP is a foregone conclusion.

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