Saturday, June 8, 2013

BJP- A Party with differences

When merely at the possibility of the announcement of Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s name as head of the Election Campaign Committee in the BJP National Executive Committee meeting being held in Goa , a section of party’s top leaders under its patriarch have fallen sick and are not attending it. If this is the condition of BJP, what will happen to the nation if ever he is elected as PM that the people are imagining? It will be the nightmarish experience for the nation. Now it is clear that the BJP, which has been claiming a party with difference, is a political party with differences if its dilemma over naming Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi as the head of Election campaign for 2014 Lok Sabha elections and subsequently party’s prime ministerial candidate is any thing to go by. The party is vertically divided over the issue of Narendra Modi as it face in 2014 LS elections. Undoubtedly, Narendra Modi is the most popular BJP leader among BJP cadres and workers. National Executive meeting is underway and there is most likely that the BJP will announce his name as head of the election campaign committee despite non-party participation of BJP patriarch L K Advani on the ground of ill-health. This is the first time in BJP that Advani has not attended the National Executive committee meeting. Being the senior most leader in the party and having the credit of bringing the BJP from two MPs in Lok Sabha in 1984 to power in 1999, L K Advani deserves to say the last words.The behaviour of Modi’s supporters against him may prove to be suicidal for the BJP. Advani’s displeasure over Narendra Modi and his own prime ministerial desire are no longer a secret. BJP must take care of his advice and aspiration. The way Narendra Modi’s supporters protested against ailing Advani and raised slogan against him is reflective of their fascist mentality. Narendra Modi tolerates no dissent. This is most dangerous for democracy in general and BJP in particular. All the rootless leaders, including BJP president Raj Nath Singh back Modi because they are in delusion that he will win power for them. First of all, Gujarat is not India. It is one of the 28 states and 7 Union Territories. Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi is also not the single political leader who has brought his party to power thrice in a row in the state. There are several political leaders of different political parties who have brought their party to power in states by winning three consecutive assembly elections . L K Advani is not only the tallest leader of BJP but he also commands respect of leaders and supporters of all parties irrespective of political affiliations. He has not attended the BJP National Executive Meeting in Goa, citing ill health. And his illness has been misconstrued as opposing Narendra Modi. Modi’s supporters see Advani as an obstacle in party’s way of declaring him as prime ministerial candidate and because of that they have crossed all limits of discipline, decorum, courtesy and norms in politics by staging protests before the residence of vetran ailing leader , whom the BJP leaders consider as guide, philosopher and inspirational force for it. This sends out clear message to the nation that Narendra Modi tolerates no dissent. It clearly reflects that main characteristic of Narendra Modi is fascism where there is no room for dissent.

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