Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Enter Modi, Upset Advani

BJP patriarch L K Advani has resigned from all the important posts of the party. Advani along with Atal Behari Vajpayee is credited with bringing BJP to this stage of national eminence. It is for the BJP to request Advani to take back his resignation. But the issues he has raised in his letter of resignation about the party’s health, functioning and intention of its leaders are very serious not only for the party but also the nation as BJP is the main opposition party in Parliament. It is as much responsible to the people as the ruling Congress-led UPA. L K Advani is not only the senior most leader of the BJP but also an able statesman of the nation. Though the BJP held emergency meeting of its parliamentary board and decided unanimously to request Advani to take back his resignation, its silence on the issues raised by Advani clearly reflect that what he has raised are correct. The question here arises that when BJP top leaders have their separate agendas and its patriarch is not reconciling with its function, what will happen to the nation that if ever as they claim that the people will give their mandate in 2014 Lok Sabha elections to rule it? The issues raised by Advani need immediate attention of the party and required to be rectified without any loss of time. Otherwise, a very bad message will among the people that the BJP is a party of self-seekers and disruptive elements. Now with the resignation of BJP’s patriarch L K Advani from all important posts of the party, he has made the nation known why for the first time he did not attend party’s national executive meeting in Goa in which Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi was appointed Chairman of party’s Election Campaign Committee for 2014 Lok Sabha elections. BJP's haste in Modi’s elevation to the unchallenged position from where he could be easily catapulted as prime ministerial candidate of the party in 2014 Lok Sabha elections is not good. L K Advani and Atal Behari Vajpayee have nursed, nurtured and brought the BJP to power from 1998 to April 2004. Vajpayee is not in active politics and despite being aged, Advani is still in perfect health and in active politics. He deserves to aspire for prime ministership and the BJP must take care of his wish and aspiration. Advani is very much annoyed at the way the BJP is functioning and ignoring his sentiment. Advani is not only the senior most leader of BJP but also its assets. He deserves to be held in highest esteem by the BJP in action, but not only in words. He has taught and trained almost all the second-generation leaders of the party. But the leaders whom he taught, trained, patronized to the hilt and brought to national eminence have not only betrayed him but also insulted before the nation. Advani knows that by nominating any leader of the BJP as its prime ministerial candidate, he cannot be the prime minister until he gets mandate from the people of the nation. But the way he is ignored and sidelined by the cult of leaders in BJP will not only prove to be disastrous for the party but also the nation.

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