Monday, June 3, 2013

Loss of cricket

In complete disregard of norms, rules and regulations, BCCI in its Working Committee meeting prepared the ground for appeasing its President and no member except I S Bindra asked him straightway to resign in the wake of spot fixing and the alleged involvement of his son-in-Law Gurunath Meiyappan in IPL betting. Every thing appeared to be fixed in BCCI. On the one hand entire nation is demanding the resignation of BCCI President N Srinavasan, he is clinging to the chair on the other. Even Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh has said that sports and cricket should not be mixed. Being the boss of BCCI, it is the immediate responsibility of N Srinavasan to ensure that every thing is right in the game of cricket. Cricket is the most popular game in India and it is also considered as next to region. The spot fixing incident has not only blackened the cricket but it has also let down the image of the nation. Srinivasan will only step aside for the period of the probe and the old guard of Cricket Jagmohan Dalmia was nominated the BCCI as working president. He will act as interim President of which there is no provision in the constitution of BCCI. Srinivasan cannot say that he has done no wrong so he will not resign. His son-in- law Gurunath Meiyyapan is in jail for his alleged involvement in IPL betting. Gurunath Meyappan is not only his son-in -law but was also the Principlal and CEO of Srinavasan's team Chennai Super King in IPL. It is the sufficient ground for the resignation of Srinivasan from BCCI and it is also because the spot fixing in IPL has also taken place during his tenure as BCCI President. If he had any moral compunction and a sense of propriety, he would have resigned. He appears to have considered himself bigger than the nation. The cricket fans all over the nation have been shocked and shamed at those cricket players who are allegedly involved in spot fixing and the behaviour of BCCI president N Srinivasan and other members. If the BCCI continued to act in this highhanded manner and play with the sentiment of cricket fans and prestige of the nation, the government must intervene and clear it of its mess. What is in the BCCI that keeps Srinivasan and other national level leaders sticking to it. It is the money and popularity of the game of cricket that even the political leaders of prime ministerial aspirants irrespective of political parties aspire for a post in BCCI. BCCI is the richest cricket board of the world. It is vehemently opposed to being brought under the purview of RTI on the ground of being a private organization. The government of India must not sit as a mute spectator to the happenings in cricket that damages both national prestige and sport. It is time for the government to act to save the game of cricket.

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