Monday, June 17, 2013

A jolt to BJP’s euphoria around Modi’s persona

Breaking 17 years old alliance with BJP in NDA, JD(U) with its secular face has given a jolt to the self created euphoria about Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi's popularity by BJP. Projecting Modi as its face, the BJP used its most formidable and popular leader without realizing that he would cause the apparent loss to its alliance in the parting of ways by one of its oldest alliances JD(U) with it because of his questionable secular credentials. Despite the known objection of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar to the projection of Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi as Prime Ministerial candidate for 2014 Lok Sabha elections, BJP has compelled JD(U) to part ways with it. The way BJP has projected Gujarat Chief Minister Naredra Modi as head of election campaign committee for 2014 Lok Sabha elections and thereby bringing him on national scene with all pomp and show has certainly made a perception among the public that he is going to be the face of the party in 2014 Lok Sabha. JD(U) had already made it clear that the candidate of prime minister in 2014 Lok Sabha elections must be of unquestionable secular credentials. Narendra Modi’s secular credentials are questionable because of his utter failure to control and contain 2002 riots in Gujarat. Undoubtedly, JD(U)’s parting of ways with BJP is belated and Nitish Kumar should have been instantly resigned in 2002 itself from Vajpayee’s Cabinet as Union Railways Minister, but to control and contain the riots is is the responsibility of as it is state subject and on this ground he may not have resigned at that time. JD(U) has also no alliance with BJP in Gujarat. Even former Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee had asked Modi to follow Rajdharm at that time. 2002 Gujarat riots were so vicious, terrifying and horrible that no civil society and more so the secular, democratic republic like ours would tolerate. Gujarat Chief Minister Naredra Modi allegedly turned his face away and allowed some marauders to kill the innocent children, women and men of a particular minority community. The persecution of a particular minority community with the intention of polarizing the majority community to gain favour in elections by any chief minister of the state is most condemnable and this must not be allowed in a secular nation. The leader against whom there are allegations of promoting acrimony between two communities with an eye on the benefit in elections must not deserve to be brought to national prominence. Naredra Modi may be the most successful and popular chief minister of Gujarat but this does not give him the certificate to rule the nation, which consists of 28 states like Gujarat and 7 Territories. With the parting of ways by JD(U) with BJP in NDA, secular and progressive forces who are neither aligned with Congress nor BJP has got a chance to form third front. It is also clear that with the weakening and shrinking of both Congress and BJP and regional parties emerging stronger and stronger in many states, the possibility of third front can not altogether be ruled out, though its life span has always been short lived.

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