Saturday, June 1, 2013

Game is over for Srinivasan

The pressure is mounting on the BCCI President N Srinivasan to quit in the wake of spot fixing and the arrest of his son -in-law Gurunath Meiyappan for alleged involvement in IPL betting. Now, it is most likely that he would resign tomorrow in BCCI meeting . Srinavasan should have instantly resigned from the post of BCCI President the moment Delhi police arrested three players of Rajashan Royals for their alleged involvement in spot fixing in the recently concluded IPL matches. The entire nation raised its voice in unison for the resignation of the BCCI boss but he adopted the defiant attitude and criticized the media for its activism to arrest spot fixing. Despite the nationwide public outrage and media activism, Srinivasan bluntly refused to resign and continued to stick to the hot chair. But with the resignation of two of his most trusted lieutenant Sanjay Jagdale, Secretary and Ajay Shirke, Treasurer, the pressure has mounted on Srinivasan to go. In view the mounting pressure on him, BCCI working committee meeting had to be advanced and it has been called today itself. So, there is all probability that the game of Srinivasan is now over and he will resign today. BCCI is the richest cricket organization. So, it attracts leading politician of the nation to associate with it. Several leading national politicians hold posts in the BCCI. Its being autonomous does not mean that it has no accountability to the nation. Cricket is the most popular game in the nation and the spot fixing incident has hurt the sentiment of cricket fans and lovers badly. As the team selected by the BCCI to represent the nation in domestic and international matches and nation's prestige and pride is associated with it, it becomes naturally accountable to the nation. BCCI has launched IPL under which only 20 over matches are played to entertain the spectators in a very short period. Its intention is to entertain the public and earn. But it does not that the BCCI should not act against the illegal, unethical and immoral practices in the matches. The betting and spot fixing incident has disgraced and defamed the Indian cricket. Srinivasan is also owning a team in IPL named Chennai Super King under the captaincy of Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who happens to be the Captain of Team India also. Srinivasan's son-in-law is already in police custody for his alleged involvement in IPL betting. Meiyappan was also the Principal and CEO of CSK in IPL. He is alleged to have passed on information about team strategy from the captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Coach Ian Fleming to bookies. In the prevailing situation, the refusal of the BCCI boss so far and silence of Team India Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni on spot fixing incident in IPL are enigmatic. One thing also has been noticed that neither any official of BCCI, including its boss Srinivasan nor the veteran cricket players except Rahul Dravid and Tendulkar did open their mouth on the issue of slur on the game of cricket in India. The rot in cricket has run deep and the time has come to clean it this. Srinivasan now must have read now the writing on the wall after the resignations of his two lieutenants. N Srinivasan is likely to resign today in the board meeting and let the dirt be cleaned from Indian Cricket.

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