Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Resolve the incursion issue amicably, but on equal terms

India has rightly asked China to revert to the status quo position in Depsang Valley in Ladakh where troops of both countries are in a face-to-face situation after Chinese forces intruded nearly 10kms inside Indian territory. In the first place, it is clear that China has violated the line of demarcation by intruding 10 Kms inside Despang Valley. Chinese troops have made incursions a number of times in the past also to create tension on the border, though the border dispute with China is not new. When the talks to resolve the border dispute amicably have been underway for sometime, the incursion made by Chinese troops 10 kilometer inside India (Despang Valley) in Ladakh is a very serious matter. The incident of incursion also casts doubts on the Chinese intension. So it is necessary for India to be always alive to Chinese military mischievous activities time and again on the border. Chinese leadership must be asked in clear terms that though India would always like to resolve all disputes, including border amicably, it is capable to retaliate in equal measure if any kind of military might is forced on it. India always wants a peaceful solution of all longstanding disputes with all its neighbours, not only China, but at the same time always want not be seen its peace mongering approach as any sort of its weakness. China must be asked to maintain statuesque so that there could be no hurdle in talks, which are underway with us to resolve border issue. China no doubt is emerging super power in the world but India too is not far behind it. China and India are two Asian giants and if both the Asian giants work together in friendly atmosphere, they could even challenge the world's sole super power America in many fields of development. So, it is beneficial for both to be friendly and to have very good neighbourly relations. It is irrelevant if China on the one hand continues to engage India in talks on Confidence Building Measures (CBMs) and its troops intrude inside Indian territory by making deliberate incursions on the other, the relations between the two will be more and more of suspicious nature. Whatever may the result of talks at various levels to resolve the current incursion issue, India must not leave any stone unturned in keeping its military preparedness on full scale to face any eventuality. The term "face-to-face" is not something that India has conjured up, it is something that is referred to in 2005 Protocol for implementation of CBMs in military field in the LAC in India-China border areas.

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