Monday, April 29, 2013

Save Sarabjit's life at all costs

The entire nation is shocked and anguished at the murderous attack on Indian national Sarabjit Singh, who is on death row in Pakistan jail. He was attacked by the fellow jail inmates, who are also on the death row. He was hit in head, abdomen. He has been hospitalised and in deep omma. This is the sheer lapses on the part of jail authorities in Pakistan. Sarabjit was not provided full proof security despite there was threat to his life. He was attacked inside the jail under a well-hatched conspiracy with full backing of the Pakistan notorious intelligence agaency Inter Services Intelligence (ISI). It is a fact that there is dominance of terror elements in every sphere of life in Pakistan.Sarabjit must not have been treated as an ordinary prisoner. He is an Indian falsely implicated in the 1990 bomb blast incident in Pakistan and was arrested when he crossed over the border into Pakistani side in an inebriated condition. Sarabjit has been languishing in Pakistani jail for the last 22 years and also on the death row. After the hanging of 26/11 terror attack convict Ajmal Kasab and Parliament attack convict Afzal Guru, the threat to Sarabjit Singh's life in Pakistani jail had increased and because of that his security was tightened to the extent that even the drinking water given to him was tested first. As there was threat to his life, jail authorities should have been alert and provided full proof security to Sarabjit. The Government of India and Pakistan were apprised of the threat to Sarabjit’s life by his family members. Sarabjit had also mentioned about the threat to his life in a letter to his sister Dalbir Kaur in India. Instead of that, his security inside the jail was not beefed up. After the murderous attack, Sarabjit was taken to hospital, and doctors attending on him say that his condition is serious. He is in deep comma. Sarabjit’s daughter in her interview to a TV channel said that her father be shifted to some other specialty hospital so that he could get the best available medical facility to save his life. The Government of Pakistan must shift him to foreign hospital where he could get expert treatment. Sarabjit needs expert treatment without any loss of time. Government of India must put all pressures on Pakistan for shifting him to some other hospital known for expert treatment. It is good that the family members were allowed to visit Pakistan to see Sarabjit there. Government of India must put all pressures on Pakistan to provide best possible medical treatment and bring the perpetrators of attack on Sarabjit to justice immediately. According to the report, he has suffered serious head injury. Pakistan must know that safety and security of Sarbjit Singh and all other Indian nationals in Pakistani jail is of paramount importance. It is its responsibility.

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