Thursday, April 25, 2013

Loot of poor men’s money

The Kolkata based Saradha Chit Fund Company has looted the common poor people and made them penniless. The Chit Fund Company looted the hard-earned money of the poor men. They were shown castle in the air, but actually they were made bankrupt. It is a Kolkata-based Chit Fund Company. This open loot of public money by fraudulent and forgery means cannot be possible without the help of power politicians, especially of ruling party of the state. Several ruling Trinamul Congress MPs and some other leaders of state and national level have been allegedly involved in the loot of public money. The Saradha Chit Fund Company has proved to be the company of cheats and they carried out their malpractices right under the nose of Mamata Bannerjee government of TMC. Without the protection and favour of the state government, the chit fund fraud of thousands of crores can not be possible. This Chit Fund Scam will certainly have impact on the coming Panchayat elections in West Bengal. It will also hit the politics of the ruling TMC most. This controversy involving corruption cannot easily subside as the previous ones. Hardly two years have passed since the TMC led by Mamata Bannerjee came to power; the scam of thousands of crores has taken place. The Left had ruled the state for 32 years in a row and no fraud of this nature ever occurred. TMC will have to run for cover. Feeling the political heat of the scam as the rural people of Bengal have also been defrauded of thousands of crores of rupees, West Bengal Chief Minister has made announcement of 500 crore rupees as bailout package for the poor investors. It is her bid to insulate her party politically. The Corporate ministry has rightly ordered for a probe into the chit fund fraud of 4 000 crores of rupees made by Saradhana Chit Fund Company. Sudipta Sen, the promoter of the Saradhana Group and kingpin in the chit fund scam, was produced in Bidhannagar court in Salt Lake in the eastern fringes on the city, and remanded to 14-days police custody. He had reportedly written a letter to the CBI in which he had accused two Trinamool MPs, Kunal Ghosh and Srinjoy Bose of exploiting him and squeezing funds, which made his companies bleed. Though Chief minister Mamata Banerjee has rejected the accusation while announcing a corpus of Rs 500 crore for the victims of the fraud, she has a lot to explain before the people of West Bengal. There must be a thorough and time bound probe and whoever is found guilty must be awarded deterrent punish so that no financial company could dare to dupe the hard earned money of the poor people.

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