Tuesday, April 23, 2013

BJP demands, Govt. rejects

As is the usual for the last few years, especially since the UPA-II got back to power in 2009, the parliamentary proceedings had hardly been allowed run smoothly for even a week continuously on one issue or the other of corruption. It is also beyond any doubt that the UPA-II led by Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh has been surrounded by the spate of scandals and unchecked price rise of all essential commodities and food items. It is also due to the escalating corrupt practices in almost all government departments during UPA-II regime that the price is going up and up. In the ongoing session of the Parliament, the main opposition BJP has strongly demanded the resignation of Prime Manmohan Singh and dismissal of Law Minister Ashwani Kumar because of his alleged exertion of influence on CBI to vet its enquiry report to be presented in the Supreme Court. The Govt. has rejected the demand of the resignation of PM outright and the ruling Congress Party President and UPA Chairperson when asked by the reporters on BJP’s demand of PM’s resignation after the Party's Core Group meeting said, "Let the BJP ask" for resignation and PM would not resign. The BJP has become aggressive because of the figuring of its tallest leader and former Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee's name in the draft report of JPC on 2G Spectrum issue and it has become vociferous excessively because of the nearing of the Lok Sabha elections next year. BJP also knows well that its demand will not make any impact on the ruling conglomerate. To attract the nation's attention, the party has attacked the government strongly and vociferously. BJP is also more inclined to create bedlam in Parliament than going to villages and make the people aware of the failures of the government. It is also not disputable that the image of the UPA-II has been dented beyond imagination because of the surfacing of a number of big scandals during its tenure. Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh's credibility and integrity may not be questionable in all these scandals but he cannot escape from the charge of inaction. He should have been kept abreast of all day-to-day developments taking place in all the ministries. He is the head of the government. It is his duty to the people of India, who have reposed faith in him, to provide corruption free government. It is better for him to hang up his boots to keep his reputation intact rather sticking to chair of prime ministership.

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