Saturday, April 20, 2013

Delhi disgraced again

Hardly four months have passed when the horrific gang rape of 23-year-old paramedic in moving bus in Delhi and her subsequent death took place, yet another more heinous, bestial, heart breaking and brutal rape of 5-year-old minor girl in Gandhinagar in East Delhi has come to light. It means Delhi police has learnt no lesson from their lapses in 16/12 gang rape incident. The Delhiites in particular and the entire nation in general are in boil over the bestial acts in Delhi. The way the minor girl was raped, her private parts were badly damaged and candles and broken plastic bottle of oil were shoved into her vagina breaks the heart of any human being. Even animal does not do as the human being has done with the minor girl. It appears that our society has become sick and mentally perverted. Police have become callous and insensitive and political leadership does not command any respect in our society. The police showed callousness and complete negligence in investigating the tragic incident and if they had taken up the missing report lodged by the parent with them, the perpetrator of the crime could have been caught and the victim minor girl could have been provided proper medical help at the time. It is two days after the missing report was lodged, the victim minor girl was found traumatized and brutalized in a room in the same building upstairs which the parents were living. The parents heard the cry of the minor girl who was wreathing in pain lying in a pool of blood inside the room. After that Delhi police reached there, they allegedly offered Rs. 2000 as bribe to hush up for their treatment. They also reportedly told the father of the minor girl victim to be happy that he found her girl alive. Not only that when the news of the horrific rape of the 5 year- old- girl spread and people assembled to protest against this heart breaking incident, a Delhi police ACP slapped a young protesting girl in full public view. He slapped the girl so strongly that the blood started coming out of her ear. This is the nature and behaviour of one of our premier police organizations of the nation. At least the police officer of ACP rank is expected to know the latest laws against rape, which have been enacted. These stringent laws against rape were enacted after the 16/12 gang rape and murder, which had shaken the nation. The entire nation is anguished, shocked and ashamed at the horrific and brutal rape of the five year old girl in Delhi. Not only Delhi the entire nation is seething with anger and outraged for the completely callous and negligent approach adopted by Delhi police to deal with not only rape but also all kinds of criminal activities. Delhi appears not only to be rape capital but also the asylum of mentally perverted and proclaimed criminals. Because there is no fear of law here. If this story is true, not only all the policemen deputed with the Gandhi Nagar Area police station, the DCP under whom this police station runs, Police Commissioner of Delhi and the Union Home Minister under whom the Delhi police function must go immediately. Delhi police has totally failed to strike fear among the criminals. Criminals think that the Delhi police are not only callous and negligent but impotent also. It is urgently needed to bring awareness among the people in society how to provide safety and security to girls and women. The onus is on national, state, local political leaders and social workers to come forward and make people aware how to provide safety and security to young girls and women.

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