Friday, October 7, 2011

Steve Jobs- A visionary techie genius

Steve Jobs passes away at the age of 56. He was suffering from Pancreatic Cancer for the last 8 years. He was a doer who changed the world through his creations in the world of information technology. He was the founder of the information Technology giant Apple. He was regarded as the third to change the world through apple after Adams and Newton. The world in general and the Apple in particular have suffered an immeasurable loss in the sad demise of Steve Jobs. He was a great innovator who upgraded iphone and ipod and gave the world a beautiful gift incomparable in the history of IT. He was an icon who revolutionized mobile communications, music, movies and modern culture.

Steve Jobs made technological presentation in a beautiful fashion and ended the reign of personal computers, which changed our lives. He made even distant corner of world easily accessible through his innovations. He had a very difficult life in the beginning. But as he was a man of never say die and of firm determinations, he took the world to a new height. He never dithered from achieving the goal and overcame whatever hurdles came in his way of innovations.

Steve Jobs brought joy to the world by simplifying computers and iphones. All his life, he worked for making the world easily logged in but at last he himself logged out of it. The founder of Apple Inc and techie genius full of vision is being mourned world-wide by the millions whose lives he uniquely touched.

Steve Jobs showed the world how the man could innovate if he has guts and firm determination for its betterment. He was an icon who never shrugged from action. He brought aesthetics to electronics and made it accessible to all. The unique thing in him was his sense of using his technological skill for the creation of a modern world. He was an inspiration for the persons in the world of information technology how to make it easily accessible.

Steve Jobs was a life changer. He was extra-ordinarily talented and bold enough to pursue initiatives to change the world. He had also visited India as a teenager in search of enlightment. Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation, was one of his icons. It was his steely determination that took the Apple from the garage to the stature of one of the biggest giants of information Technology Company.

The innovator like Steve Jobs is rarely seen in IT world who has contributed immensely. His technological innovations were aimed at making the electronic appliances economically affordable for the larger number of people in the world. His technological thought was not only to make appliances to be handled easily but also economically within the reach of maximum number of people. That is why he had become the household name of millions of people who were immensely benefited from the upgrading of electronic appliances like iphones and ipods. It was his inner strength and inner technological instinct in addition to his theory of always staying hungry and foolish for gaining knowledge that propelled him to the height of glory and prestige in a very short span of time. The zeal, brilliance, passion and energy in him to improve lives of all led him to innovate in the field of information technology. It was his uncompromising attitude with principle on the need for excellence that made his imagination flourish and vibrate to change the face of the world.

The history of information technology will always be the testimony of his brilliant skill, inexhaustible energy and passion to do spectacular thing, which is new and has changing impact on the lives of the people. Not only the world of IT but also the millions of people all over the world have lost a visionary techie genius. His technological upgrading skill of iphone and ipod was not confined to the people within any boundary but also the world in its entirety was equally benefited. The entire world condole the death of Steve Jobs.

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