Friday, October 28, 2011

AFSPA is meant for national integration

Armed Force Special Power Act is meant for the protection of the unity and integrity of the nation. That is why the army is deployed in disturbed areas of the states and they are equipped with special power to act in a free, frank and impartial way in the interest of the country.

AFSPA has been put in place in Jammu and Kashmir and north-eastern states to curb militancy, which is supported and propagated from across the border under a well calculated evil design on India. It has been in force in the state of Jammu and Kashmir since the worst days of insurgency, militancy and act of secession of 1990.

Separatist conglomerate of Hurriyat Conference always raises demand for the lifting of AFSPA from the state. They describe it as draconian measure, which promotes human rights violations in the state. Hurriyat sees it as a big hurdle in fulfilling their separatist aspirations.

However, the ground reality is that Army is nothing to do with politics of the state nor is it benefiting any political party or acting against a particular community in the state. Army personnel have been empowered to arrest or search without warrant on mere suspicion in view of the infiltration taking place in Jammu and Kashmir at frequent intervals, though the atmosphere there is seemingly peaceful. The encounter between foreign militants and the security forces is still taking place at regular intervals. The Sneaking of militants from across the border is still taking place, though it is not at its height. Army plays the most vital role in Jammu and Kashmir in the interest of the nation. Our Army is regarded as the best one in the world.

Terrorist violence has fallen because of the prompt vigil of Army Jawans and not because the terrorists have laid down their guns. They are still active and the position in Jammu and Kashmir is like lull before storm that could take place any time. So, the question of removing AFSPA from some parts of Jammu and Kashmir is nothing but foolishness. It is also like giving an account of the lack of farsightedness before the world. AFSPA must not be touched.

Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omer Abdullah has been advocating for the removal of AFSPA for the last few days, though he has accepted the importance of Army’s role in the state. It is under the purview of the Home ministry. That is why Army refused to comment on CM’s advocacy for its withdrawal. The Jammu and Kashmir state police also do not favour its withdrawal from some parts. Defence ministry also does not favour withdrawal.

The overall situation in the state of Jammu and Kashmir also does permit the army to leave. In the given situation, to bolster up the falling political rate, Chief Minister has raised this type of demand only to please the separatist element which will prove to be detrimental to the unity and integrity of the nation. CM Omer is leading the National Conference (NC) – Congress party government. As his term of chief ministership for three years is coming to an end and after that the Congress dispensation will take over the rein of government for remaining three years, Omer is playing a political game plan without consulting his alliance partner.

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