Monday, October 3, 2011

Centre must act on Telengana

The demand for a separate state of Telengana has been in the news for a long time, but the successive governments at the Centre did not ever pay enough attention towards the resolution of this contentious issue. Now, it has reached its crescendo. Centres to move.
TRS Chief K C Rao is leading the agitation for the creation of of separate state of Telengana. He first struck alliance with Atal Behari Vajpayee-led NDA government but left it after some time when he found that the government was in no mood to concede his demand for the separate state of Telengana, so did the Dr. Manmohan Singh led UPA-I with him on the issue. He too left it. Rao has sat on fast for the demand several times, but so far got no success.
This time the aitation has entered 22nd day and the entire Andhra Pradesh has come to a stand still. Congress Party of Andhra unit is in favour of a separate of Telengana state. The demand for the creation of separate state, small in size and population, is good for governance and equitable development. But for the sake of good governance, there must not be encouragement for division of the country into several small parts.
Andhra Pradesh consists of 3 regions Rayalseema, Telengana and Coastal Andhra Pradesh. So the interest of every region of the state must be protected. Because Telengana constitutes the larger part of the three regions and its demand for a separate state is long overdue, it must be considered by the Centre immediately. It is not only Telegana but also due to the dilly- dallying tactics of the Centre all contitious issues have been thrown into limbo.
Historic, geographic, demographic and structural factors have shaped the development of different regions in Andhra Pradesh. While backwardness of Telangana has become an issue of political mobilisation but the fact that Rayalseema and north coastal Andhra are equally backward areas in Andhra Pradesh, have been ignored. In fact, despite the presence of the industrial city of Visakhapatnam and a rich endowment of natural resources the north coastal Andhra is undoubtedly the most backward region in Andhra Pradesh. So, a separate state of Telengana may be created but at no cost the interest of the remaining two should be ignored.
Now, the majority in state ruling Congress of Andhra Pradesh favours the creation of separate state of Telengana. But apart from Telegana, the interest of Coastal Andhra Pradesh And Rayalseema, the interest of the non- Telengana people living in Hyderabad should also be taken care of.
Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh has reportedly assured the Congress delegation of Andhra Pradesh of resolving the contentious issue of separate state of Telegana very soon. The time is ripe for action. UPA-II needs to act fast on all contentious issues according to their priorities.

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