Saturday, October 22, 2011

End of Gaddafi’s dictatorial life

Iraq’s Saddam Hussain, Egypt’s Hosni Mobarak and now Libya’s Moummar Gaddafi have fallen. The people in these three Arab countries wanted regime change. They have now got it. The entire Arab world is in the grip of regime change for betterment through the freedom of the people by establishing democracy. The people of Arabian countries appear to be vexed with despotism.

Now, Yemen and Syria are in the row for the change of regime. They have rebelled against their rulers to establish democracy.

The rebellion in Arab world and fall of the three dictators in the most absurd way clearly give signal to the rulers of all the countries of the world that if they continued to ignore popular people’s demand and suppress the voice of the common man, they would have to go.

In the 21st century, there must not be any vestiges of dictatorship in the world. All want freedom of speech and right to avail all facilities provided by the government. They abhor any kind of control by the regime. People’s sentiments and feelings must be respected and the government of the day must maintain transparency in all its functions so that no misgivings could arise among them.

Gaddafi’s career began with military and he promoted himself to the rank of colonel. He was a quirky colonel. He grabbed power of Libya through bloodless coup in 1969 and ruled it unchallenged, and crushed even the hissing sound of opposition to his despotic regime of 42 years. He lived a very colourful life and died an ignominious death in rebel attacks in his hide out in a culvert. He had women body guards and two wives. He had nine children and always liked to stay in tent equipped with all luxurious facilities. He lived a grandeur life and tolerated no opposition, whatsoever.

With the killing of Colonel Gaddafi, the rebellion for the establishment of democracy has got strength. National Transitional Council (NTC) in Libya has now greater responsibility to establish democratic system based on consensus among all spectrums of opinion of Libyan society. Libyan society is tribal-based and there are more than hundred tribal groups there. The differences among them are also open. And at the same time, ever after the killing of Gaddafi, his support base has not altogether wiped out. There are still Gaddafi supporters in Libyan society. That is why NTC will have to show the world about its sincerity and commitment to establish democracy there.

The West under the leadership of the US will certainly provide full support to NTC in establishing democracy there but with a rider. As Libya is oil rich country, the US would always like the regime there, which could be favourably bent towards it. As Libya is a oil reach country, the US had set its eyes from the very beginning. But as Gaddafi was himself a true dictator and never tolerated to be subservient to any western power, he clearly understood the financial value of abundant oil resources in Libya. Gaddafi played a role in launching Petro Boom in 70. With the rise of petroleum prices that started in 1973, he made most of the large reservoir of petroleum products in strengthening his grip on Libyan regime. It was Gaddafi’s foresight and understanding of the economic value of oil that kept in the saddle for long 42 years.

Gaddafi’s ruthless style of ruling the country got weakened with the development and openness in the world outside in every sphere. The rebellion against his regime was not started without any cause. If he had taken re-conciliatory approach, he would not have been killed in this abominable manner.

Gaddafi was not a very good friend of India. But as Libya is an oil rich country in middle –east, India has to be there in reckoning from the strategic point of view and it is natural that it will always support the cause of democracy.

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