Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Oppose US coercive behaviour unitedly

Though American highhandedness must be opposed, at the same time full solidarity and support must be expressed for Libyans in their rebellion against the authoritarian and upopular regime of Col. Maummar Gaddafi. The members of Indian Parliament cutting across party line are in unanimity over the coercive behaviour of the US.
US has done first with Afghanistan and after that with Iraq and now with Libya.US had unilaterally decided to attack Iraq and invade Afghanistan. It also got approval from the UN to send coalition forces in these two countries.
As the UN is puppet in US hands, the it is taking benifit of chaotic condition in the north African oil-rich country Libya by lauching air strikes. It is totally unjustfied, clearly reflecting ulterior motive of the US.Libyan air strikes must be opposed and condemend by all democratic forces.
There must be a change of regime in Libya but that must be done only by Libyans through peaceful democratic method. The US even being the oldest democracy always practices undemocratic ways to serve its hidden interest.
The US wants to establish overlordship all over the world. So, it is the need of the hour to mobilise all democratic countries of the world to speak against the bullying tactics and use of forces.
The NATO forces are bombing indiscriminately on the civilian people and showing that they are doing for this to end the Maummar regime. Amerian intention is to establish its empire all over the world with taking on board, especially, Britain, France and Germany. These western powers treat other countries of the world as their tenants that whenever they would like to evict, would be evicted.
India has taken the right stand and has given the signal to the US that it is not with it in all their wrong doings and usurping ways of behaviour.
As Libya is oil-rich countries, the western powers have focussed their attention and tried to get foothold in that country through coercion. This coercive behaviour of the US must be opposed.
India has rightly come out with a strong message that external powers cannot decide the regime change in Libya after a strong demand was made in the Lok Sabha that the House unanimously pass a resolution condemning allied air strikes on that country.
The Lok Sabha should condemn the attack on Libya like it had condemened attack on Iraq.

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